The key to setting up the ideal painting or sculpture display is placing an optical framing light made for art. Projectors are usually the best option for any display, as they offer unparalleled flexibility and precision; both are essential components of any sharp look.

This flexibility is something that Phantom truly prides itself on, offering more customization options and projector models than any other competitor. With all of the additional options, Phantom’s projectors can fit almost any setting.


Phantom offers several projector models; each of them formatted for a particular situation. Some models are better for installation between floors, in rooms with higher ceilings, in new construction and in settings where an unobtrusive, streamlined appearance is necessary. And for homeowners that care more about the cost than appearance, Phantom offers a surface mount projector that is more economical and easier to install.

In addition to its projector models, Phantom’s optical framing light is made for art of any size and shape. This includes intricate sculptures fashioned with curves, edges and unique features. This is possible because Phantom offers four different masking methods for its projectors, including a custom made template that can be adjusted to nearly any subject. One popular display method is to mask the illumination perfectly to the edges of the subject, producing no spill illumination around the piece’s edges. This produces a glow effect that is sure to get people to take notice.