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With optical framing lights a homeowner can set up the perfect look with any kind of art. Be it a fine painting hundreds of years old, a contemporary mixed media collage, or even a delicate glass sculpture. These fixtures are created with the kind of technology that is perfect for art, with a number of customization options and a perfect illumination source for paintings and sculptures.

Phantom Lightings optical framing lights combine a powerful halogen source with a lensing combination found nowhere else in the industry. Phantom’s projectors are capable of many spread patterns and angles by using one of several masking options. For art, how the illumination is aimed and frames the subject will make all the difference, so versatility is a valuable trait to have.

Optical Framing Light_Phantom Lighting Systems

This versatility comes into play when masking the illumination for a particular piece. With a set of adjustable shutters, the illumination can be quickly configured to display paintings and photographs of any size. With a custom metal template, the illumination can be masked to contour around the sculpture’s edges and curves, so the projectors won’t throw intense illumination everywhere. With a metal or glass gobo, the projector will create special light patterns like producing clouds, words or other designs against the wall. This can be perfect for a child’s room or a room with themed art. Versatility is just one reason homeowners are making the switch to projectors, but it’s a compelling one.

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