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Cabinet LED lights can substantially improve the look of any piece of furniture instantly. Many times the designs of decorative furniture make them appear very dark, but with the proper illumination focused on the piece, this problem can be easily solved.

Whether the reason for seeking illumination is for decoration or function, there is a variety of ways to achieve the desired outcome with the many lighting options available today. One of the more popular cabinet illuminations offered is hidden lighting, meaning that the piece has a glow with the illusion that there is no source and no exposed power supplies or wires. This style is best for almost any mount, ranging from vertical to adjustable depending on the cabinet design and makes perfect sense for when looking to preserve the original look of the cabinet. Phantom Lighting will design custom strips to ensure that each product is customized to the piece.


LED lights come in a variety of forms, allowing you to dim or brighten the fixture with bulbs that offer up to 240 lumens per foot. The preference on bulbs depends on the desired function of the illumination. A fine china cabinet may require a faint glow, while a piece focusing on sports memorabilia might demand a spotlight effect. Quality companies, like Phantom Lighting, will also offer different temperature bulbs allowing for more tone customization. When choosing cabinet LED lights, be sure to do the proper research to obtain the correct look that will take into account all the characteristics of the piece.

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