Displaying a painting or sculpture properly takes a focused art light, and one that has the power to stand out. One of the most common pitfalls when setting up a display is selecting underpowered fixtures for the job.

Display fixtures have to be rather intense to stand out amid ambient illumination, and this power has to be controlled to work effectively. An optical framing projector is ideal for this, as it is designed to work with creative applications and comes with several features to aid it in this task.


When an expert refers to a focused art light, what they mean is that the fixture is aimed and shaped precisely to the subject. The fixture’s beam angle is an essential part of this, as it determines how well the subject is framed. The beam angle will need to be altered based on the fixture’s distance from the painting or sculpture, but this is easy with Phantom’s adjustable lensing apparatus.

Phantom’s optical framing projectors gather and aim the illumination using this advanced set of optics, but the beam still has to be shaped to fit the subject. Beam contouring is best accomplished with a masking attachment, and this may mean a set of adjustable shutters or a custom template fabricated on Phantom’s end. Both are designed to pare down the beam until it only illuminates the subject, and nothing behind it. This is the effect that illumination experts aim for, and once you see it, you’ll understand why. It gives the subject a glow that appears to come from inside, something that no other display setup can rival.