LED display lighting for statuary collections have a simple mission to complete. The fixtures have to bring out the dramatic edges, the gentle curves and the subtle features of the sculpture, making it appear as if it was almost alive. Sculptures are one of the most interesting things to illuminate, as their unique shapes often produce dramatic shadows.

Few things have the visual punch of a sculpture shining brightly in the dark, and with the right setup, it is possible to evoke nearly any feeling.


Not all sculptures are kept in a cabinet or mounted to a pedestal, which is an important concept when using LED display lighting for statuary collections. A lot of people like to invest heavily in a few large sculptures that dominate a room, so they need to be well-illuminated around the clock. This may be enough illumination, but if it isn’t, Phantom can help install recessed fixtures or projectors in the ceiling to illuminate it better from above. Regardless, the effect will be well put together and look like something out of a magazine or movie. For premium fixtures designed for any type of collection, contact Phantom and talk with the experts for the best results.