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Using optical framing projectors to illuminate art is a technique that lighting experts are starting to use for high end installations, and for good reason. These fixtures are extremely flexible and can be used with nearly any painting or sculpture in existence.

That’s because they can be masked and adjusted in many ways, and even come in several models ideal for challenging settings. Additional flexibility comes with some extra considerations, though, which is something that a lighting expert can help with.

Contour Projector really highlights artwork!

When using optical framing projectors to illuminate art, placement is a major concern. Even in large, square rooms, installing the fixture straight on will lead to a lot of glare right in front of the painting. Offsetting the fixture will take care of that, and is easily done with Phantom’s fixtures because they are designed with a rotating ring and a mounting cradle. Together, the cradle and ring allow for 360 degree movement and a vertical aiming angle of up to 55 degrees.

What really makes this technology such an attractive option, though, is the fact that they can be masked to produce shaped light. With a set of adjustable shutters or a cut metal slide, the fixture will produce a beam of light that contours to the edges of the piece. This eliminates spill and only lights up the subject, making it appear as if it is glowing. This effect can be achieved with multiple paintings at once as well, so a homeowner can produce a unique display no matter how large and complicated it may seem to be.

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