Projector lighting is often installed for fine art because no other fixture can work with it like an optical framing fixture. Homeowners have several illumination options when setting up a painting or sculpture, and while most will provide enough illumination, few offer that visual impact that makes the display truly special. Optical framing fixtures are one of the only technologies designed with paintings and sculptures in mind, so they are made to get the most out of every subject.


They do that with a brilliant halogen beam, which is the best choice for representing true color hues. Optical framing fixtures can also be completely concealed, so they will stay out of the way and ensure the subject is the focal point, and not the fixture. These fixtures can be configured for many placement spots as well, so it is possible to get rid of most glare and ensure even illumination coverage across the entire painting or sculpture.

What really makes projector lighting best for fine art is how they display the subject. Unlike all other fixtures, optical framing fixtures can be configured with a unique beam spread. Specifically, the beam can be masked in spots so that it is confined to the subject only. That maximizes contrast between the subject and its surroundings, making it appear as if it is lit up from an internal source. It’s the kind of effect that leaves a lasting impression.