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When decorating a space, homeowners often neglect over cabinet lighting, but it is a simple method to improve the look of a room. These fixtures consist of xenon or LED festoon lamps built into flexible strips. While many manufacturers offer flexible stripping, Phantom’s TL series produces some of the best illumination available in the industry. They also customize their fixtures to every installation, so an installer will have no trouble placing the fixtures on site. Because they come premeasured to the surfaces they will be attached to, they will fit perfectly and maintain a low profile.

Xenon and LED over cabinet lighting is the superior option, because these bulbs are efficient and can be designed to fit any setting. Xenon lamps produce subtle, white illumination that is ideal for brightening up the entire room without appearing harsh. LED technology is extremely versatile. It can produce a range of color temperatures, from a warm incandescent glow to cooler fluorescent tones. Phantom’s LED lamps also produce the most efficient illumination possible with today’s technology. While most manufacturers can only produce 15 to 20 lumens without about a watt’s worth of power, Phantom’s fixtures can create about 40 lumens with the same amount of energy. An excellent watt to lumen ratio indicates efficiency and illumination quality. Phantom’s TL Elite fixtures produce one of the best ratios in the country.

However, homeowners don’t need to keep the fixtures at full intensity if they choose not to. Dimmer switches make it simple to alter the level of illumination in the room. This is perfect for people who like to make frequent trips to the kitchen at night, because harsh lights won’t need to be turned on to see.

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