I am often asked what is the main difference between a Wendelighting® optical projector and a Phantom Contour projector?

The answer is quite simple – State of the art LED technology, precision optics, user friendly IC Rated housings and multiple confinement masking methods to name a few.

When it comes to professional lighting art, nothing is more impressive or visually effective than an optical framing projector. A hidden light source with a controlled beam of light precisely illuminates the canvas. Phantom Contour Projectors are designed by a professional installer and have been engineered so that anyone can complete the install. The options we offer make this LED projector one of the most versatile and best art lighting fixtures on the market today.


LED Lamp Technology

The Contour projector utilizes a proprietary LED light engine with a custom concentric parabolic reflector, aluminum heat sink, active DC cooling fan and CREE© XHP70 3000K LED chip producing 90+ CRI and average lamp life of 30,000+ hours.

Precision Optics

High performance variable optics system consisting of two (2) 39mm focal lenses and two (2) 60mm condensing lenses designed for both long and short throws as well as off center mounting. The special Achromatic focal lenses produce crisp sharp lines without any chromatic abnormalities.

Multiple Masking Methods

There are three masking methods available for the LED Contour Projector: standard aluminum shutters for square or rectangular artworks, custom-cut brass templates for multiple or irregularly shaped artworks, and stainless steel gobos (Rosco© Type M) for patterned lighting effects.

User Friendly Housings

Probably the biggest difference between the Contour projector and the Wendelighting® optical projector is the user friendly mounting methods and multiple masking methods. A variety of ETL Approved housings have been created to handle just about any ceiling situation or attic condition:

FFL Series – Float Finish Housing
NCL Series – New Construction Housing
RML Series – Remodeler Housing
SML Series – Surface Mount Projector
TAL Series – Top Access Housing

Energy Efficient Drivers

All Phantom projector models are powered by an auto-sensing 120-277V, 50/60Hz, 1750mA constant current electronic LED driver, Tri-Dimming (MLV forward phase, ELV reverse phase, 0-10V) and a non-dimming 12VDC fan power supply. Optional on-board 0-10V dimmer control available for setting output levels.

ETL Approved in US & Canada

Conforms to UL STD 1598 Requirements
Certified to CSA STD C22.2 NO.250.0

What do you think?

Gone are the days of the technician flying in to meticulously install a picture framing lights. Now professional results can be achieved by anyone who can follow our detailed instructions. If you are illuminating a square or rectangular work of art, use the adjustable shutter system for a fantastic results. If multiple objects, large objects or 3D objects is the task at hand, use our hand cut template method to achieve dramatic results. Our template cutting instructions will guide you through the process.

You be the judge. See for yourself just how effective a Contour projector can be. Contact Us at 800-863-1184 or one of our lighting sales reps for more information or a demonstration on what Phantom Lighting can do you!