Cabinet light fixtures are appropriate for underneath and inside these areas of display. Due to the wide range of bulbs and fixtures available, there are almost no cabinet configurations that cannot accommodate installing additional illumination.

However, some bulbs only come mounted in certain forms, so the type of lighting may be restricted. The type of bulb will determine the amount of lumens, the color temperature, the energy usage, and lifespan. LEDs, xenon, fluorescent and incandescent, the most popular bulbs for this type of project, each have their own benefits.

For someone unsure about how to go about increasing the brightness of an area, a professional can be consulted. Their knowledge of the options, products, and measurements of a cabinet can be used to create a custom lighting solution.


Usually, a low voltage option is chosen, because the smaller size of low voltage bulbs translates to a more inconspicuous mount. For those that cannot be tucked out of sight, the mount can be used as a decorative accent. Regardless of whether the shelves are adjustable or fixed in place, there are fixture options that facilitate additional illumination. Cabinet light fixtures are also appropriate for bookshelves and display cases.

When they are hardwired, they can be operated with a switch. There are also options that are battery operated or that plug in to electrical outlets. A superior option is transferring energy from a remote transformer that is low voltage. Through the use of an out of the way transformer, which is not an option offered by every lighting company, electrical wires can be eradicated entirely. This set up also creates less heat, which is safer.