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Whether it’s a rare collection of books, artwork, sports memorabilia or just family pictures, adjustable display lighting can present it in warm, beautiful illumination. Usually installed in cabinets or elegant shelving, these fixtures are superior to standard illumination devices in a number of ways. Because they are integrated into the furniture, they can brighten up the pieces even when at night and don’t create any harsh lighting. They will draw interest to the cabinet immediately, providing the detail that these precious items deserve.

Most shelf illumination is built with exposed wiring and presents an eyesore. These fixtures cannot be manipulated once installed without the help of a professional electrician. This means that even something as simple as raising or lowering a shelf becomes a huge inconvenience once these fixtures are installed.

Phantom’s adjustable display lighting does not suffer from these unsightly problems. The unique buss bar power distribution allows the shelf supports to be adjusted without interfering with the light fixture wiring method. The buss bars are powered by a transformer, so the contact pads can rest on the shelf supports to conduct electricity to the Phantom light fixture. If the shelf supports need to be manipulated, a professional is not required to rearrange wiring or shelving because all the components are integrated into the shelf and display cabinet.

The Phantom adjustable concealed wiring system is a way to create flexibility for lighting adjustable shelves without a hassle. The lighting system upholds the integrity of the furniture while illuminating the items on display.

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