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One of the nicest ways to illuminate a custom designed space is with recessed mount illumination, but for spaces that do not have this option, many people install track lighting fixtures. While this type of illumination can work, in a contemporary space where everything is exposed, it may cause difficulty when illuminating artwork. An optical framing projector or art lights attached to the track system are ideal solutions when trying to accommodate art light needs while using a track system. Surface mounted options will use either a mono-point or canopy attachment. This type of illumination can add a magical effect to art in a contemporary space by providing a “lighted from within” effect on sculptures. By focusing the beams directly on the art or collections, the entire room is softly illuminated with the showcased items, while bringing attention to the art itself.

Track lighting fixtures can be converted to better illuminate key areas and art using a framing projector attached to either a mono-point or canopy attachment. It helps to contact a professional like Phantom Lighting who can help plan the perfect system that will use the least amount of electricity, while providing ambience to the room.

Converting existing fixtures into a more suitable method of illumination is easy when you contact a reputable professional to help with the details. Calculating the load requirements are important when installing new fixtures to an existing fixture.  Also take in to consideration the voltage of the track lighting fixtures. Phantom’s optical framing projector is 120 volt and requires 80 watts. It is highly important to to consider these variables before for purchasing additional fixtures.

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