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Fine art deserves fine art picture lights of the highest quality to showcase the artwork and not create a distraction. Many museums and galleries settle for traditional fixtures mounted to the frame itself, track fixtures, or even recessed fixtures. While these can be useful in particular situations, they won’t provide the same unique look that Phantom’s contour projectors are built to produce.

Phantom’s projectors are built with proprietary focused light technology using a custom lens system and are customizable for nearly any painting, photograph or sculpture thanks to our variable optics system.

fine art picture lights

What makes Phantom’s contour projectors for fine art different than traditional picture lights?

Most fixtures used for this purpose are not specifically made with a piece in mind. They generate too much heat, wash out colors and don’t do anything to add to the subject. Frame-mounted fixtures are particularly troublesome because they radiate much heat directly onto the subject. That will speed up the degeneration of oils in the piece and will cause the subject to age much faster. Track and recessed fixtures are safe to use, but they are difficult to set at an optimal aiming angle and typically create distracting shadows, as well.

Phantom’s contour projectors are fine art picture lights that are made to avoid these problems. They are placed in the ceiling or to the ceiling’s surface and are installed to produce the perfect angle of illumination. The projectors were also designed to be easy to adjust so that anyone could do it without the help of an expert. That is ideal for galleries and museums that regularly switch out exhibits.

During operation, the projector produces a beam of illumination that is precisely shaped to the subject, which is why it is called a contour framing projector. There is no spill illumination created by the projector, so only the subject is ensnared by the projector’s beam of radiance. That gives the subject a different, lit from within look that is striking to people seeing it for the first time. Because the projector is concealed from view, the effect is even stronger and can give a piece a fresh look.

These framing projectors enhance fine art in a way picture lights cannot, and they are easily adjustable and compatible with a variety of pieces. They can either be set up with a set of adjustable shutters or a custom cut metal slide. Adjustable shutters are for square or rectangular subjects while metal slides are custom cut on site to masking the specific piece. Adjustable shutters are better for paintings and photographs while metal slides make sense for sculptures and other irregularly shaped installations.

A museum, gallery or home that needs just the right touch for their artwork can find it in Phantom’s proprietary projector technology. With their premium fixtures, durable design and customization options, these projectors can turn any piece into a worthy centerpiece.

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