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To get the most out of a display system, it takes the right cabinet light components. There are many, many fixture technologies on the market, and there are many ways to customize these fixtures. With so many decisions to make, it’s best to leave the technical and creative details to an experienced professional. Phantom, for example, can provide an array of options to a homeowner or business, and make every system a unique one.

Let’s take a deep-dive into some of the various components present in a well-designed display cabinet lighting system –

Lamps: Phantom’s cabinet lighting series is available with several different lamps styles. The classic series is made up of individual festoon lamps, which may be powered by Xenon or LED technology. Our Elite and Ultra series are made with LED light tape that is available in a range of wattages and color temperatures.

Aiming trims: Aiming trims conceal the fixtures from view and only allow them to emit into predetermined angles, keeping the illumination from going where it shouldn’t. This helps control the flow of light from the display and ensures proper metering.

Dimmer controls: The ability for a customer to control the output level of the light in a display allows for a much more comprehensive viewing experience. Light levels can be lowered to create a more dramatic mood or raised to enhance the details of the display.

Color temperature: Choosing the right color temperature is very important when designing a display because color temperatures help set the tone of the overall design. A warmer light evokes a more cozy and inviting feel, while cooler lights feel more modern and industrial. A complementary color temperature only enhances the beauty of any objects on display. For more artistic applications, our LED tape is also available in several monochromatic color options, like blue, green, or red.

Glare shields: Depending on the material of a display cabinet or shelving system, especially the glossy appearance of many antique woods, the individual festoons in the classic series or the diodes in the Elite/Ultra series can be reflected on the back surface of each shelf, creating unsightly hotspots. Glare shields scatter and soften the illumination so that it is evenly dispersed throughout the display and eliminates the possible of hotspots or distracting shadows.

No matter what the foundation of a project looks like, Phantom’s lighting systems are the building blocks needed to craft a stunning museum-quality display in any home or office. To get started enhancing your display, please call us toll-free at 800-863-1184 for complimentary design assistance.

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