Low profile cabinet lights are designed to be easily concealed for aesthetic reasons because no one wants to see the fixtures themselves. The real star of the show is the display and the illumination that helps it stand out. The fixtures would only get in the way if exposed, so it is important to keep them out of sight.

However, that is often easier said than done, as only a handful of manufacturers produce premium, concealable fixtures. And the furniture may not provide an obvious spot to hide the fixtures. Fortunately, Phantom Lighting can help with that.


Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are the ultimate low profile cabinet lights. They are made to be as compact as possible, and they are designed to be paired with Phantom’s aiming trims. Each trim can be custom fit to the shelving and is attached to the leading edge of the shelving. Behind the trim, the fixtures are installed. Phantom’s trims go one step further and refine the illumination by cutting out any lighting angles that would result in spill illumination.

The result is an aesthetically pure display that offers even illumination and a professional quality appearance. Museums and galleries know that hiding the fixtures can make a huge impact on how people perceive the display, and if a homeowner wants as many people as possible to appreciate what’s on display, they should consider keeping the fixtures out of sight.