Cove lighting is an indirect source of illuminating a room or space by casting luminance above and to the side. This form of illumination creates a softer ambiance with a greater reduction of light reflection and harsh glare.

These luminance fixtures are completely hidden from view, making them a highly sought after product for cove lighting design. Phantom offers two forms of this lighting – individual festoon lamp strips and LED linear lighting.

Individual festoon lamps come in Xenon or LED lamp options and are mounted on a variety of trim profiles. Both options are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, but the LED festoon bulbs will be more energy efficient, cheaper to operate, and have a longer life than the xenon festoon bulbs. Xenon festoon bulbs have a lower cost input than LEDs initially, but their operating costs will be more annually. The xenon bulbs come in multiple wattages and can have frosted or clear glass and tend to have a warmer tone than LED. The LED festoon lamps come in 3 different color temperatures to create the right ambiance.

Phantom offers an Ultra Series and an Elite Series of LED continuous linear lighting. They come in a variety of color temperatures, are dimmable, and fully customizable. The Ultra Series is an outstandingly bright strip of diodes, whereas the Elite Series is Phantom’s standard diode strip. Both series are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and very economical to operate. They cost pennies a year to run and are very durable, lasting up to thirty years.

Phantom’s luminance choices can be used for under cabinet illumination in kitchens, utility areas or garages. They are popular choices for hutches, bookcases, and nooks. They can even be used for rim illumination behind flat screen televisions or on furniture. The applications for concealed illumination strips are infinite. When looking for quality, dependable cove lighting options look no further than Phantom for all illumination needs!