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Cabinet light shields are some of the most important pieces in any fixture and help to convert any dull display into a professionally-designed area. LED and xenon stripes are fantastic additions to any kitchen or room, but their utility can only go so far by themselves. These bulbs need the addition of some very carefully selected accessories and pieces in order to get the absolute most out of them.

There are many advantages in using these types of accessories, from the mounting to the quality of diffusion. Many homeowners who attempt to create their own displays will overlook the importance in concealing the bulb or strip, which is where trim comes in. Trim helps to hide the fixture, while also helping to scatter and soften the source. Rough edges are smoothed out with the addition of some simple trimming options. These can also be customized to fit any color or length, making them the perfect addition to any existing space.

Phantom provides homeowners and designers many options when customizing their own fixtures. Cabinet light shields themselves are the perfect solution for bulbs that need a solid housing means and for situations where glare is a real problem. Properly scattering and diffusing the illumination source is key in removing any overly saturated dark areas on the surrounding surfaces. While these are most commonly found in the kitchen, these types of fixtures work in any environment, all the way up to professionally displayed art. Further control can be given to the user with dimming controls, a way to directly control the output of the source. This can be used to help maintain a uniform look throughout the day, especially if other ambient sources may interfere.

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