Inside cabinet lighting is something a lot of homeowners don’t think about when arranging their furniture, but these fixtures offer a classy boost to any piece. Display furniture is typically used to show off a treasured collection, be it photos, sports memorabilia, books, artwork or something else. The point of a collection is to impress others and to provide a reminder of happy times. Without the right fixtures the collection will not be showcased as it should be. Fortunately, Phantom offers a number of accent lighting fixtures for this type of furniture and can be fitted into nearly any setting.

What are some inside cabinet lighting fixtures Phantom offers?

Phantom’s Classic, Elite and Ultra lines of strip fixtures are the products of choice for these furnishings. The Classic can be fitted with incandescent or xenon lamps, while the Elite and Ultra use LED technology. All three can be arranged in a variety of ways, including a horizontal mount, a vertical mount and adjustable mounts. The horizontal mount is a popular choice and is placed behind shelf trim. These fixtures are aimed down at anything on the shelf and at the back wall of the furniture. The vertical mount is the choice when there is nothing to conceal a horizontal mount. A vertical mount is also a strong option when glass shelving is present. Phantom offers a plethora of specialized mounting trims that properly shield the light source from most viewing angles.

Phantom’s adjustable fixtures are a proprietary design only found at Phantom and are the choice when a homeowner plans on readjusting shelves after the fixtures have been installed. Typically, inside cabinet lighting can’t be moved once it has been placed. With its open wiring, it is unsafe for anyone other than an electrician to rewire the system for a new shelf configuration. Phantom’s adjustable shelf design does not use open wiring to deliver power to the fixtures. Instead, it uses bus bars and conductive contact pads to direct electricity from a concealable transformer to the lamps. Phantom’s adjustable shelf fixtures can be rearranged at a moment’s notice and do not require any professional help to alter.

What are some other benefits of Phantom’s cabinet fixtures?

Homeowners that want warmth and intimacy from their fixtures can get this from Phantom’s Classic strips. Homeowners that want efficiency and customization can get some of the best versatility on the market from Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strips.

All of Phantom’s products are made with quality materials and have been designed by illumination experts with decades of experience in the field. Phantom does not skimp on quality, and each fixture is calibrated for precise, predictable aiming angles. While in operation, these strips don’t beam illumination, they glow. They diffuse soft illumination patterns which improve visibility and the look of any item without causing glare or distracting illumination patterns. The best lighting products are those that don’t draw attention to themselves, and Phantom’s fixtures are excellent at staying out of sight and letting the illumination make a statement.