Low profile LED fixtures are a popular China cabinet lighting replacement option due to their excellent efficiency, longevity and safety. LED lighting technology has also improved greatly in the last decade, to the point where it can be used in aesthetically-demanding applications. This includes use in art galleries and museums, so the fixture quality is there for a China cabinet as well.

Phantom’s LED fixtures take it a step further, combining high quality LED lamps with a fixture design specialized for cabinet lighting projects.

Why are LED strips ideal for China cabinet lighting replacement?

LED fixtures are replacing other lighting technologies in most markets and applications, and this trend is true of cabinet lighting as well. There are several reasons why LEDs are leading the way, including:

Excellent lighting quality

China cabinet displays are characterized by their sophisticated, luxurious appearance. It takes a precise set of fixtures to light the cabinet properly and showcase the items on display. LEDs are an ideal solution because they can be precisely shaped and metered.

Due to the engineering involved, LEDs do not emit in an omnidirectional pattern. Instead, they project illumination directionally, and lighting designers can use this to their advantage. Specifically, a lighting designer can place LEDs in a way that best leverages their emission pattern. This means light that looks even and consistent, from one fixture to the next.

Several mounting options

China cabinets are frequently designed with glass shelves, which makes it difficult to hide any fixtures. LED strips, though, are available in a vertical mount design, so they can be installed behind the cabinet’s frame or stiles. With this China cabinet lighting replacement option, the cabinet can be brilliantly illuminated without any fixtures remaining in view.

In cabinets with wood shelves, horizontal mount LED strips are an effective option. If there is sufficient trim to conceal the fixtures, they can be mounted and metered with little effort. If there isn’t enough clearance to hide the strips, a piece of trim can be color matched and attached to the cabinet to provide enough room.

High quality LED strips and ribbons can also be cut to precisely fit the China cabinet’s shelves. This promotes an even level of illumination across every shelf, free of hotspots or dark areas.

Color rending capabilities

China adorned with intricate designs and vibrant colors will look best if they are paired with a fixture that can render color. Not all fixtures can, and LEDs had trouble with this until recently. Now, though, high quality LED lights can render color extremely well, outdoing incandescent, fluorescent and many halogen fixtures. With their ability to show off true color values, homeowners know exactly what their China will look like when placed under the LED lights.

Safe to use with delicate materials

A China cabinet lighting replacement, ideally, doesn’t emit a lot of heat or UV radiation. Both can cause materials inside the cabinet and the cabinet itself to deteriorate or discolor. This is another advantage of LED lighting, as it generates close to zero radiant heat and UV radiation. This means it can be used with any material, including wood, paper and China, without fear of causing damage.

Can be left on for long stretches of time

LED cabinet lighting is the most efficient fixture option on the market, generating twice as much light as fluorescent with the same amount of energy, and 10 times as much light as incandescent. LED has an efficiency advantage over all other forms of illumination, so it can be operated for hours or days at a time at a lower operational cost.

China cabinet lighting replacement should also provide extended performance. In addition to their excellent efficiency, LEDs also provide extended longevity. Specifically, high quality LED fixtures will offer at least 50,000 hours of illumination, with many fixtures reaching 100,000 hours before replacement is needed.

That means LEDs can provide years of precise illumination with almost no maintenance. Operational costs are kept at a minimum and an extended lifespan means added convenience.

Compatible with adjustable shelf designs

LED strips can be paired with adjustable shelves using a special set of components to deliver power to the lights. Some China cabinet displays may be untouched for years, but many homeowners like to modify and update their displays regularly. For these homeowners, an adjustable lighting replacement makes sense for their China cabinets.

An adjustable system is built with current-carrying components, so there’s no need for open wiring. Instead, buss bars and brass mounting components are responsible for steering power to the lights. The buss bars double as anchor spots for the shelf supports, and the anchors themselves are made from brass, so no matter what position the shelves are placed in, the lights will still work.

Adjustable LED cabinet lighting allows homeowners to safely, easily and quickly change their China cabinet’s shelf positioning. This allows for additional display options, so homeowners can arrange their China cabinets as they see fit. China cabinet replacement lighting should be aesthetically sharp, long lasting and flexible enough to allow for easy adjustment. LED strips provide all of this, along with superior efficiency and maintenance-free operation.


“Is LED lighting safe to use with China?” “yes”. LED lighting is extremely efficient, so it generates little radiant heat and little UV radiation. LEDs are superior to all other fixtures in both regards. As heat and UV radiation are threats to most materials, LED lighting is a safe fixture option for China.”Can LED be retrofitted over existing lighting?” “yes” Retrofit LED lamps are available as a China cabinet lighting replacement. They can fit over existing incandescent and halogen systems without loss of efficiency or performance.”Are LED cabinet lighting systems adjustable?” “yes” LED cabinet lighting systems can be designed for adjustability, and many custom cabinetmakers are integrating LED cabinet lighting into their products before installation. Adjustable cabinet lighting does not use open wiring to deliver power to the fixtures. Instead, adjustable systems combine metal buss bars and brass hardware to carry current. With this design, people can change the positioning of the shelves without affecting the fixtures. No electrician is needed, no special tools are needed and the process is safe.