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Modern low-profile LED cabinet lighting is an excellent lighting option for china cabinets because they are efficient and harmless while adding tremendous grandeur.

China cabinets hold precious cargo. China cabinet lighting, therefore, should safely and meticulously light and protect priceless tableware on display.

Phantom’s LED cabinet lighting fixtures are next level, combining high quality LED lamps with a fixture design specialized for china cabinet lighting projects.

LED cabinet lighting technology has improved in recent years to the point that purveyors of art galleries and museums are confident using it for aesthetically-demanding applications. It makes sense then, that the same be applied on a smaller, yet equally important scale. There are several reasons why LEDs have taken the lead in china cabinet lighting. Let’s explore those:

Pinpoint Lighting Accuracy

When lighting a china cabinet, you want your place settings, crystal, and other treasures to be center stage. LED cabinet lighting fixtures are engineered to project illumination with precision. This means that lighting designers can strategically place LEDs so that they reflect light evenly and consistently throughout your cabinet, placing family heirlooms in the spotlight.

Flexible Design Options

When displaying valuables, you want to see the light, not the fixture. It is difficult to hide lighting fixtures in china cabinets with glass shelves. LED strips with vertical mount design can be installed behind the cabinet’s frame or stiles so that the cabinet is brilliantly illuminated and fixtures are discreetly hidden from view.

Horizontal mount LED strips are an effective option for cabinets with wooden shelves. If there is sufficient trim to conceal the fixtures, the strips can be mounted and metered with little effort. If there isn’t enough clearance to hide the strips, a piece of trim can be color-matched and attached to the cabinet to provide concealment.

High quality LED strips and ribbons can also be cut to precisely fit your china cabinet’s shelves. This way each shelf is evenly illuminated and free of hotspots and dark areas.

Dramatic Color Rendering

China adorned with intricate designs and vibrant colors are best illuminated by lighting that reveals – or renders – those colors. Not all fixtures have this capability. High-quality LED cabinet lighting fixtures render color extremely well, outperforming incandescent, fluorescent, and many halogen fixtures.

Illumination Without Deterioration

A China cabinet lighting replacement, ideally, doesn’t emit a lot of heat or UV radiation. Both can cause materials inside the cabinet and the cabinet itself to deteriorate or discolor. This is another advantage of LED lighting, as it generates close to zero radiant heat and UV radiation. This means it can be used with any material, including wood, paper, and China, without fear of causing damage.

High Efficiency + Economy

LED china cabinet lighting is the most efficient option on the market. An LED fixture generates twice as much light as fluorescent lighting while using the same amount of energy, and 10 times that of incandescent lighting. You can leave your LED lights on for hours or days at a much lower cost than other lighting options. High-quality LED fixtures also provide at least 50,000 hours of illumination – with many fixtures reaching 100,000 hours – before requiring maintenance or replacement.

Can low-profile LED cabinet lighting be retrofitted over existing lighting? Yes. Retrofit LED lamps are available as a china cabinet lighting replacement option. They can fit over existing incandescent and halogen systems without diminished efficiency or performance.

Adjustable Shelving

Flexible LED china cabinet lighting systems allow homeowners to modify and update their displays as collections grow and evolve. Phantom’s innovative adjustable cabinet lighting products can be custom designed for installation in new cabinetry, allowing you to change the positioning of your china cabinet shelves safely, easily, and quickly without affecting the fixtures.

No electrician and no special tools are needed with Phantom products, which use metal buss bars and brass hardware to steer power to the lights as opposed to open wiring. The buss bars double as anchor spots for the shelf supports, and the anchors themselves are made from brass so the lights work no matter where the shelves are placed.

China cabinet lighting expertise

The Phantom Lighting team will design a customized solution for you using the latest cabinet lighting technology. Our bulbs emit soft hues that silhouette your china displays without stealing the show and use less electricity than other options. Our patented wiring methods obscure hardware so that attention is drawn to your fine treasures. Our commitment to exceptional service means that you have a team of experts by your side before, during, and after your project.

Phantom manufacturer representatives and lighting agents are available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America to provide technical and design expertise. Let’s partner on your china cabinet lighting project! Contact us.

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