Recent advancements in LED technology have made colored cove light fixtures possible, offering a range of possibilities. Until recently, it was impossible to customize LED fixtures in this way, leaving installers with only a few output options.

Now, Phantom’s fixtures can show off several monochromatic hues, adding a visual splash that’s perfect for clubs, bars, restaurants and many other settings.

Cove Lighting Sample from Virtual Lighting Showroom

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures can both be used in colored cove light applications. Both have always provided a combination of premium efficiency and power, and now they can be configured to display red, green, blue, pink or amber illumination. The Elite series outputs 130 lumens of illumination, while the Ultra emits about 200 lumens of illumination. Both fixtures only require a few watts of power to function and produce a negligible amount of heat, making them among the most efficient fixtures on the market.

Colored cove light options are particularly useful for commercial properties, where a unique illumination setup can make all the difference when attracting customers. When people walk into restaurants, nightclubs or music venues, they expect to be wowed. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures can provide the visual punch needed for this purpose. They can be installed around artwork, decorative pieces, furniture, landscaping, or any areas that require visual focus. Commercial properties, though, cannot handle convoluted wiring that makes installation difficult and operation unreliable. To counter this problem, Phantom’s products can be arranged in extended run lengths. This means fewer connection points and less complicated wiring, ensuring a reliable infrastructure for the fixtures.

Even with the addition of monochromatic outputs, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra products are still highly customizable and easy to configure. They can still be built to nearly any set of dimensions and remain extremely compact and easily concealed. Both products can also be attached to dimmer controls that allow for fine output settings.