Even though it may seem like a major project, recessed cabinet lighting is fairly simple to install. It’s almost always placed under the cabinet and illuminates whatever is below. This makes it ideal for kitchens and workspaces where the extra illumination can help a person see what they are doing.

They are also used for display cabinets and bookcases. These fixtures are designed to keep a low profile and their wiring stays out of sight. While a professional can produce the best look and will be needed for complex installations, it’s possible for a homeowner to install them with only a couple of tools.


Phantom’s fixtures are highly efficient and are available in multiple color temperatures to create ambiance in any space.  The fixtures are custom sized to accommodate any project. Preparation before installation is minimal when installing recessed cabinet lighting.  Breakable items should be removed from the area to avoid accidents, but once the light fixtures are set in place, a small screw is used to safely secure them. Predrilled holes in the fixture trim are spaced evenly for ease of installation. The fixture wiring can be run through the cabinet and behind the wall so it remains out of sight. From here, it can be hooked up to a transformer and be controlled by a dimmer switch to adjust brightness as necessary.