Phantom Lighting’s optical framing projectors are designed to fit into any setting, and the New Construction, or NC, series is the choice when that setting is still being built. Specifically, this model is intended for use prior to installation of sheetrock, and comes with a set of mounting bars that can accommodate joist spacing up to 10 inches high and 24 inches wide.For homeowners that like to plan ahead and ensure their projectors are firmly integrated into the ceiling, this projector model has no rival.

The basic function of each of Phantom’s five projector models, though, is identical, and the NC series offers the same excellent flexibility and visual impact that Phantom’s projectors are known for. It starts with unparalleled aiming capabilities, using a rotating ring and mounting cradle that allow for total vertical and horizontal aiming. With its aiming capabilities, the projector can be offset to better conceal its location, negotiate unusual room dimensions, and eliminate glare.

The projector is built with a MR16 75 watt halogen lamp. It’s the best fixture available for color rendering, which is why it is always the choice when illuminating fine art. The lamp is optimized with the use of Phantom’s proprietary lensing apparatus, which consists of a pair of condensing lenses and a pair of focal lenses. The apparatus can be configured to emit one of several beam spreads, further shaping and aiming the beam.

Finally, with a pair of adjustable shutters or a metal template, the projector beam can be contoured precisely to the edges of the subject, producing a glow-like, lit from within look that is enchanting.

An optical framing projector is the ultimate lighting option when it comes to fine art, and with its NC series, Phantom Lighting can have a system ready to go before the ceiling has even been built.