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The Phantom Surface Mount LED Projector and Where it Works Best

Sometimes, a recessed art fixture is neither feasible nor desired, and when it isn’t, a surface mount optical projector may provide the perfect solution. Surface-mounted LED art framing projectors are just as capable as in-ceiling projectors, built with the same lighting and optics technology. They can be used in various art displays, from residential to professional, and with LED technology, they are efficient and reliable.

The only difference between a surface mount LED art projector and an in-ceiling projector is visibility. Surface-mounted projectors aren’t concealed by the ceiling, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be concealed at all. With careful placement, most of the sight lines to the projector can be eliminated, allowing it to shine without being easily seen. Surface-mounted projectors don’t necessarily have to be hung from the ceiling, they can be placed on top of furniture or beam structures or hidden behind architectural features.

It’s important to note that even though we sell multiple housing options, the Phantom projector itself is always the same and delivers superior performance regardless of whether it is recessed or surface-mounted. The surface mount model comes with either a round or square mounting canopy that can be painted to match your décor.

When to choose a surface mount projector:

  • When you don’t have attic/ceiling access
  • When installing projectors outside normal aiming angles
  • When you’re renting and can’t make structural changes
  • When the size of your art is outside the framing capabilities of a recessed projector
  • When the style of the space is industrial and has exposed pipes instead of a traditional ceiling
  • When you want to place the projector on a beam/truss or on top of furniture
  • When a gallery wants to highlight a particular piece among a track light system

Phantom’s SM series is a surface mount optical projector that can secure to nearly any surface, including ceilings and the tops of tall furniture. In fact, if there is a platform high enough off the ground, it may be possible to place the light on top of it and keep it out of sight from ground level. That way, a homeowner gets the superior economy of the SM series along with the concealments that homeowners often prefer.

The SM series has a pair of condensing lenses and a pair of focal lenses, which work together to collect and magnify the light produced by the halogen source. Because the SM series is crafted with a proprietary, sophisticated lensing apparatus, it can be set to emit one of several beam angles. Masking techniques, like shutters or a metal template, can hone the beam spread even more and help shape an extremely precise beam of powerful light. This may sound like a lot for a piece of art, but once you see the difference, you’ll know why Phantom’s lighting is in residential and commercial properties around the country.

Phantom’s SML Projector canopy can be customized for unique applications, like the custom-built double-mount canopy shown in the photo at the top of this article. Because our products are manufactured in-house in Houston, Texas, we can work with you to create a lighting solution for even the most complex of projects.

Other advantages of a surface mount LED art lighting projector

  • Economy – The SML Series is an economical choice for art lighting, and costs less than other projector models. If concealment isn’t a concern for your displays, it’s hard to argue with the savings.
  • Ease of install – There is no need to do anything to the ceiling other than mount the projector to it. For this reason, the SML Series is the easiest art projector to install on the market.

A surface mount LED art projector is a powerful piece of lighting technology in an economic package. They may not be recessed in the ceiling, but the effect they produce is so vivid that no one is going to notice the fixture.

For more information on lighting fine art using Phantom optical framing projectors, call us toll-free at 800-863-1184 or fill out our online request form and see your artwork in a new light.

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