Phantom’s optical framing projectors are some of the best and most innovative fine art lighting fixtures on the market today. They have been designed for different applications and for usage in a diverse group of settings. They can be found in art galleries, museums, private residences, and businesses.

They are a great form of art lighting and can enhance paintings, sculptures, and featured pieces. The light created from these projectors are designed specifically for fine art and will not deteriorate or degrade materials. They create the safest, most controlled light for displaying priceless pieces.


Contour lighting fixtures should be nearly invisible from view, so as not to detract from the space where they are installed, nor from the displayed pieces. Older projector fixtures were large, bulky pieces that stuck out like sore thumbs. Phantom’s fixtures were a first in the industry – the housing units were created to be low profile and concealed from sight. Their Remodel (RM) housing unit has the ability to be installed in shallow ceiling spaces between stories.

They operate with a low voltage halogen lamp that passes through several lenses and filters to create a focused beam of light. Currently, LED technology is not sophisticated enough to be utilized in contour lighting fixtures. The light created by the diodes will not have the ability to manage the different lenses and filters.

Phantom’s contour lighting fixtures accommodate different installations and applications while remaining low maintenance. Their simple shutter system is also adjustable and can crop light in specific ways. The brass confinement templates are available for custom objects, logos, or cut to focus on single or multiple objects, or even “outline” an irregular shaped sculpture. Phantom’s optical framing projectors excel at creating illumination that appears to come from within.