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Every homeowner wants to be proud of the unique art lighting in their home, but it may be tough to know where to start. There are many fixture options on the market, and for those unfamiliar with how they work, it’s not easy to determine what they will look like once installed. Most experts, though, agree that optical framing projectors are a highly effective way to get a look that most people have never seen before.

Contour Projectors highlight fine art, not the walls.

That’s a big claim, but optical framing projectors offer the most unique art lighting options available. That’s because they are one of the few fixtures that can be masked after installation, which allows for contoured illumination. Contoured illumination means the beam is shaped to the edges of the painting or sculpture, eliminating all spill illumination around the subject. As a result, there is a huge contrast between the subject and its surroundings, which will make the piece appear to pop off of the wall. Someone seeing the display for the first time may be caught off guard as the subject will appear to be glowing. And because Phantom’s optical framing projector can be concealed almost completely (a small cover plate is the only evidence of the projector’s existence), that illusion can really be sold. Everyone wants a display that they haven’t seen before, and with Phantom’s help, that is entirely possible.

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