With a Phantom lighting catalog and product cut sheets to look through, a contractor, engineer, lighting designer or homeowner can make an informed decision when selecting aesthetic fixtures. Display illumination requires a keen eye to set up, and there are dozens of fixtures a homeowner can choose from. Studying product listings can help a homeowner make the right choice for their display, and can also help a homeowner visualize their display before installing the fixtures.

A Phantom lighting catalog comes with cut sheets that detail every essential element of its products. This includes a feature and component list, which will provide a snapshot of the fixture’s capabilities. For example, optical framing projectors are precise directional fixtures, so they have to be highly maneuverable. That’s why Phantom details the mounting cradle and rotation ring that comes with each of its projectors.

Homeowners should pay attention to the exact source that each fixture is compatible with, whether it is halogen, LED, xenon, incandescent, or something else. This will largely determine what settings the fixture can work with. Also, if there are any customization options, they should be explained in the product listing, and can provide meaningful tweaks that a homeowner can take advantage of. For instance, an optical framing projector can be fitted with long throw lenses, or a pinhole aperture for certain display subjects. The first step to picking out the perfect fixture is doing the research, and that’s easy to do with comprehensive product listings to look through.

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