Updating an existing lighting system can be extremely frustrating for a company, but Phantom’s LED festoon bulbs can significantly reduce the burden. Lighting represents around 30 percent of a company’s energy costs, so business owners can save a lot of money by keeping their lighting infrastructure current with diode fixtures.

This technology has grown a lot in the last 15 years, and now offers performance that is equivalent or superior to other lighting systems, and at a fraction of the operating costs.

Why Are LED Festoon Bulbs A Smart Choice For Lighting Systems?

What makes Phantom’s LED festoon bulbs the smart choice is their ease of installation. Typically, updating a building’s lighting means ripping out existing fixtures and laying down infrastructure to accommodate the new lights. However, Phantom’s diode lamps are designed for retrofit applications and can slot into existing incandescent and xenon systems with ease. This means existing transformers and wiring, as well, so no build-out is needed and minimal effort is required to set the fixtures up.

Phantom’s diode fixtures are some of the most efficient lights available on the market, as well as among the safest. They can be tied to dimmers to allow for finite control of the lamps, and they are available in both 12 and 24 volt varieties, in addition to a number of color temperature options. In short, this means a business owner can get the exact look they’re hoping for while significantly reducing the cost of keeping the building lit nicely.

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