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Recessed lights are often preferred for their sleek profile and their ability to create softer illumination. When placed inside the ceiling, they are less likely to create harsh, direct radiance from all angles. These fixtures also convey an air of sophistication and are usually found in more high-end establishments or homes.

They reduce ceiling clutter and don’t have the gaudy feel that surface mounted fixtures often come with. In fact, museums and art galleries usually favor these fixtures because they are easier to control and are able to generate better illumination overall.

Why Use Recessed Lights for Art Displays?

Phantom offers some of the most advanced recessed lights in the industry. Its contour art projectors are concealed inside the ceiling behind durable aluminum housing, so only a small aperture is visible. This makes it nearly impossible for people to see the projector, which preserves the clean, sophisticated look that these fixtures are known for. This is especially important in art galleries and museums where a sharp aesthetic is required at all times.

Phantom’s contour projectors use MR16, halogen, fiber optic fixtures to create reliable, powerful illumination. These are professional level technologies that are reserved for precious items, like artwork, sculptures or photographs. They are safe to use on delicate canvases and pigments and are ideal for color rendering. True color rendering is a must have quality in any recessed lights used to display artwork. Without it, the colors inside the subject will either be washed out and muted, or tinted another color. This is a problem with incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, both of which produce color tones on the extreme edges of the spectrum.

Contour art projectors from Phantom are designed to illuminate a specific subject. Using a  custom cut template or adjustable shutters, Phantom ensures that each projector can mask the light to perfectly illuminate the art work. This is what Phantom means when it states that its projectors contour to the subject. They produce zero spill illumination, which can cause harsh shadows or look sloppy. With radiance that is shaped to the piece, it’s hard to tell the subject is being lit up at all because the radiance will appear to emanate from within. This ethereal glow makes the piece pop and appear full of life. Even if a person looks for the source of illumination, they will find it almost impossible to spot the projector in the ceiling. In all, the effect is mesmerizing.

These projectors can be installed in nearly any setting, and though they are usually installed in high-end residences, they are also used in commercial buildings, art galleries, and museums. Phantom offers five varieties of recessed installation methods to house its projector. They can be blended into the ceiling perfectly, placed in a room with no bottom access, integrated into new construction or remodeled homes, or mounted to the surface of the ceiling instead of inside. With so many options available, the right fit can be found for any subject.

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