LED display lighting for gun collections is a natural fit, as diode fixtures can be customized to fit nearly any space or design and can do so without endangering the firearms. People take a lot of pride in their firearms, in their form, function, and historic significance. Diode fixtures can bring out the best aspects of every firearm, which differs from one gun to the next. They come in an amazing spectrum of sizes, colors and styles, so every installation needs to be tailored to the firearms. Fortunately, this is a hallmark of Phantom’s fixture design.

When using LED display lighting designed for gun collections, the fixtures have to work with how the firearms are arranged. If they are mounted butt side down, vertical mount fixtures may be the most attractive option. If they are suspended inside a cabinet, the strongest look may be filling the entire cabinet will soft illumination. If the firearms largely consist of long rifles and shotguns that are made with wooden stocks, consider a warmer color temperature, as this will work best with the dark wood and metal hues. If there are a number of firearms plated with reflective metals, like chrome, a natural white color temperature will work best with the subject.

Of course, where the fixtures are placed exactly will depend on a number of factors, including the nature of the display and the size of the room. But no matter what challenges are present during the installation process, Phantom’s diode fixtures can be adjusted to fit perfectly.