Phantom’s festoon light bulbs are designed for a variety of applications, and can serve as excellent replacement parts for both xenon and LED systems. Where they really shine, though, is when they are retrofitted over an existing, but aging, incandescent or xenon system. Even the best fixture technology will degrade over time, and as it does, fixtures become unreliable or inefficient. When a system reaches the end of its life, retrofitting new LEDs or xenon lamps can make a lot of sense, and can be installed at minimal cost.

Phantom offers several festoon light bulbs, including both xenon and LED fixtures. Its xenon lamps are available in a 3 watt, 5 watt or 10 watt design, while its LED lamps can be configured for 12VAC or 24VAC. Both are available with a clear fixture design, or a frosted design, which produces softer illumination.

What makes these fixtures ideal for retrofitting is that they can be installed right away, with little work needed to make the existing system compatible. Phantom’s LEDs don’t require DC inverters, and they use smaller drivers and dimmers, making them easy to conceal. Its xenon fixtures can be used with existing transformers, or switched over to a more compact one if required.

And with Phantom’s extensive customization options, a homeowner can transform the look of their display immediately, and without having to commit a great deal financially. It is, in short, a smart way to upgrade display illumination.

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