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Why are more people switching to hidden art lighting to display their prized items? For one, this technology offers a streamlined design that makes it easy to hide. Phantom’s contour projectors are also easy for installers to handle, so they are popular on the professional side as well.

In fact, professional installers regularly recommend Phantom’s projectors to their clients, as they provide everything homeowners want, and everything professionals need.

Contour Projectors highlight fine art, not the walls.

Phantom’s projectors offer a major step forward in hidden art lighting for several reasons. Most projector manufacturers take a one-size-fits-all approach to their products, so they don’t integrate well into every setting. Phantom, on the other hand, has designed several projector models for a variety of settings, so no matter where the projector is, it will offer zero sight-line disturbance. Phantom’s projectors are concealed inside the ceiling and are made to be as compact as possible. They also run silently, so unless a person is specifically looking for the projector, they aren’t likely to notice it. From ground level, the cover plate is obscure so it goes unnoticed. The result is a fixture that offers a beautiful mix of concealment and power, taking the focus off the equipment and allowing the artwork to garner the attention it deserves.

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