There are so many benefits to LED festoon lighting that it is fair to say the technology represents a revolution in illumination. For more than a century, people have been limited to inefficient, unreliable forms of illumination. But diode fixtures have the power to change all that. Designed with highly efficient and precise semiconductor dies, diode systems offer unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and versatility in both residential and commercial applications.

Why Are LED Festoon Bulbs A Smart Choice For Lighting Systems?

LED festoon lighting wastes little power generating heat instead of illumination, which is why it can output several times more light, when compared to other fixture options, using the same amount of power. Diode fixtures are made with extremely stable parts, so they can take some jostling and impact. This also ensures they last much longer, and diodes can provide excellent performance for at least 50,000 hours. That’s an enormous improvement over incandescent and fluorescent systems.

In the years since diode fixtures have been commercialized, they have become more and more customizable. Now, they can be configured to produce one of several color temperatures or monochromatic hues, allowing homeowners to get that desired incandescent look, or something neutral and brilliant.

Diode technology has caught up to other forms of illumination, and there is no going back. It is the superior choice now, and will remain so far into the future.

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