There are several reasons why designers and installers are opting for recessed art projectors instead of other forms of display lighting. Chief among them, though, is how they can be shaped to fit any subject, giving them the ability to create a lit from within effect that no other fixture can match.But this is just one advantage among many that the technology offers homeowners. These fixtures also provide a perfect combination of aesthetic design and flexibility that make them viable in any situation.

Setting Up Contemporary Art Lighting With The Right Fixture

Recessed art projectors are designed to be installed inside the ceiling, with only a cover plate and a small aperture providing any evidence that the fixture is there. When done right, they are virtually impossible to see, which preserves the home’s aesthetic. They are also built with excellent aiming capabilities, as their rotating ring and mounting cradle allow for near limitless vertical and horizontal aiming. With this versatility, the fixture can be offset to eliminate any glare and set in a position that will guarantee it remains concealed from view.

Again, though, the standout element is that they can be shaped to any subject. This is done with a masking attachment, and this screens out any spill light, ensuring only the subject is lit. With shaped light, the subject will glow brilliantly against its darker surroundings, helping it stand out in any space. These systems have steadily gained traction in high-end applications, and they can fit in any home, museum, gallery or venue.