Phantom’s optical framing picture light is for artwork of all types, including oversized art and sculptures. When home or venue owners have one or more pieces of art to show off, they regularly turn to recessed or frame mounted fixtures to get the illumination they need.

These options remain the most popular, and there are a variety of recessed and mounted fixtures available. Even the most expensive, highest quality recessed or mounted fixtures will not overcome some fundamental flaws in their design. Phantom’s contour projectors are designed specifically for artwork, so they can provide the best source of light for a prized subject.


What is an optical framing picture light?

Phantom’s contour projectors are built using proprietary technology, so they are not available anywhere else. They are offered in five designs, each of them formatted for a different installation setting and mounted to the ceiling. The Float Finish (FF) model, for example, is the best choice when the projector needs to be inconspicuous. Once installed and painted, the FF produces a near zero sight line that is difficult to spot.

The projector itself is inside durable aluminum housing which protects the sensitive fixture. The projector has a halogen light engine and an exclusive lensing design that focuses the illumination into a sharp beam. This beam is aimed through a tiny aperture in the ceiling and makes no noise while in operation. In effect, Phantom’s projectors are nearly undetectable.

Why is an optical framing picture light the best choice for a piece of artwork?

Recessed and mounted fixtures are poor choices for artwork because they are difficult to aim and adjust. As a result, these fixtures typically render a lot of spill illumination and harsh shadows. They also have a tendency to generate heat, which can cause paintings to deteriorate over time.

Phantom’s contour projectors don’t have these problems because they are completely adjustable. Every projector can come with either a cut metal slide or a shutter masking method. The metal slide is customized to a single installation, so it is ideal for illuminating multiple pieces or unusually shaped pieces, like sculptures. The shutter masking method is for square or rectangular artwork and can quickly adjust for different subjects.

In either case, the objective is to shape the illumination precisely to the subject’s edges. Once adjusted, there is no spill illumination present. This has a stark effect on the artwork, as there is no visual cue that there is a fixture shining down on the artwork. Instead, the piece will look like it is lit from within, awakening the colors and designs of the piece. For home or venue owners looking for a new way to enhance their artwork, Phantom’s projectors can help any piece stand out.