Art lighting fixtures have one job – they have to present the subject in a dramatic, engaging way. There are many technologies that can be used for this purpose, but Phantom’s contour projectors are uniquely suited for showing off display items. Whether it’s a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, a book or something else of significance, Phantom’s projectors can be customized to fit the item perfectly.

This is because each projector has precision in mind. Phantom combines a halogen light engine with a proprietary lensing apparatus to focus the illumination just right. The end effect is a beam that produces no stray rays. This beam passes through one of two masking methods offered by Phantom. The first is a metal cut slide that is custom built to one or more display items. A cut metal slide is an effective option for illuminating sculptures and other uniquely created items. The other masking option is a set of adjustable shutters that are perfect for wall installations. Adjustable shutters are extremely versatile and can adjust for a variety of sizes.

By precisely masking the illumination, Phantom’s art lighting fixtures create zero spill illumination. This generates an interesting and rarely seen effect, as there is no sign that the subject is being illuminated by an outside source. Instead, the piece will appear to be lit from within and glowing.