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It is much easier to see colors and forms in the kitchen when xenon under cabinet lights are used for illuminating basic tasks like cooking, cutting, and preparing drinks. These luminaires produce a very bright light with a slightly golden touch (although it is not as “yellow” as old-fashioned incandescents or newer halogens).  In fact, xenon has been described as the closest approximation to natural light.  It produces no ultraviolet radiation, so it is ideal for illuminating sensitive materials, artwork, and other delicate materials that can easily fade when struck by UV rays.  Halogen and fluorescents, by contrast, both produce UV radiation and are not suitable for illuminating more sensitive materials.

Xenon under counter lights are better than halogen.

Xenon under cabinet lights are also much more energy efficient than halogen lamps. Halogen lamps generate luminance by passing electricity through a filament.  This is essentially a continuation of older, incandescent technology.  Not only does it waste a great deal of power, but it also generates a great deal of heat. Persons illuminating their kitchens with halogen lamps will face higher electric bills associated with cooling the room. By contrast, xenon gas requires less power to generate luminance and produces far less heat.  Being approximately 33 percent more efficient than previous generations of incandescents, low voltage xenon lamps can last as long as 20,000 hours.

Additional energy savings, along with advanced mood and decorative effects, can be achieved by using adjustable, low-profile fixtures and linear light strips wired to dimmer switches. Due to their advanced design, they are also more capable of resisting power fluctuations, offering a more stable, and a more resilient means of illuminating kitchen countertops than halogen lamps.

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