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Cabinet lighting reviews can be found online with a quick search, and most tend to agree on a few things. For one, aesthetics are paramount, and the best way to preserve the look of a room is to pick a fixture that can be easily concealed. Another consumer focus is illumination quality and reliability. Some fixtures just aren’t ideal for placement in the kitchen, and may not be intended for long term decorative function. In the past, homeowners had few choices when installing fixtures around their kitchen, and this limited the impact of such a project. Now, though, homeowners are increasingly opting for custom designs that use advanced technology. And consumer feedback is reflecting the improvement.

What can homeowners learn from cabinet lighting reviews?

Installing a set of fixtures is a real undertaking, and not something that should be approached without preparation. Taking a look at feedback from other homeowners can help determine which fixtures to select and where to install them. These homeowners have seen first-hand what a professional job looks like, and what the pitfalls are when setting up a project.

An issue many homeowners run into is settling for out of the box fixtures instead of bringing in a professional to produce a custom job. It’s tempting to purchase a fixture that promises a minimalist installation and setup. However, it’s always a gamble working with these products, as they are not formatted for every kitchen. In some rooms, they may work adequately. In others, they will poke out and look like an eyesore. And if they do, there’s nothing to be done except returning the fixtures.

The best cabinet lighting reviews tend to be written by homeowners who have opted for a custom installation. During a custom installation, the installer will size up the space and determine the best placement and fixture type to use. The primary benefit of this approach is cohesive aesthetics. Custom fitted fixtures will be measured prior to placement, and these measurements are used to cut the fixtures to fit. With fitted fixtures, there is no chance of them peeking out and distracting people.

A custom installation allows greater control over the project’s look, as well, and illumination designers can create an enormous spectrum of looks with some high quality technology. The fixtures can be placed above countertops, on top of the furniture, and near the bottom of the room, which are known as toe kick fixtures. Some homeowners opt for all three to produce multiple layers of visual interest and enough illumination to fill the room without the need for harsh, exposed fixtures. LED strips are ideal for all positions, as they offer excellent output and reliability for their size, and they can also be customized to produce color hues similar to incandescent illumination.

But before jumping into the process, homeowners should take a look at cabinet lighting reviews to come up with some ideas and determine what they want from a set of fixtures.

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