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Phantom’s unique flexible LED cove lighting design allows the product to be field cut for right angles, radius bends or serpentine applications. This makes Phantom cove lights exceptionally flexible and ideal for the builder constructing a custom home with eclectic interior architecture. Regardless of the bend or angle in the ceiling, Phantom flexible LED cove lights can seamlessly fit ceiling interiors, valances, and foyers. Many builders also install CM series linear cove lights in kitchens above custom cabinets in order to provide indirect over the cabinet lighting complimentary to under cabinet lighting.

Phantom’s consultation services and light fixture manufacturing processes are extremely contractor friendly and highly flexible. Cove lighting fixtures are custom manufactured after a consultation between Phantom Technical and Sales Support personnel and the general contractor or electrical subcontractor. Our support person will asses such things as foot color temperature choices, interior design themes, and interior structural keynotes that distinguish the interior architecture of a home or office. This data is then used to determine the exact dimensions for the cove lights themselves. After manufacture, the finished product will be shipped in sections labeled for easy installation in the field

Unlike fluorescent cove lighting or rope cove lights which are clearly visible to the viewer, Phantom flexible cove lighting can be repositioned inside the cove itself and hidden from normal viewing angles. This ability to conceal our light sources led to the origin of our company name-“Phantom”-because the apparently sourceless light our flexible linear cove lights and display lights produces adds an aura of mystique and special ambience to a room. Also, because of the way our strips reflect the light off the ceiling in a more diffused, even pattern of dispersal, they work better at overcoming unsightly shadows that may occur from more awkwardly positioned, bulky, and less flexible kitchen cove lighting fixtures.

Unlike cove rope lighting or LED ribbon lighting, which is wired in series, Phantom utilizes a parallel wiring method. This means individual lamps may be replaced if an LED bulb happens to fail. Builders constructing large custom homes should think twice about installing rope lights in ornate and eclectic homes. New homeowners will not like the inconvenience of having to replace an entire string of rope lights if just one bulb fails. Phantom Lighting offers a much more convenient and cost effective method of maintenance due a patented engineering design that is far more original, user friendly, and flexible. Cove light strips by Phantom are manufactured  using a heavy duty galvanized steel trim with individual festoon sockets with standard and custom on center spacing. This allows for individual lamp replacement without the hassle and cost of replacing the entire cove lighting fixture itself. It also offers additional advantages and flexibility for cove lighting upgrades. Incandescents can be upgraded to xenon or LED energy saving lamps by simply leaving the cove lights in place and switching out the festoon lamps.

Phantom linear cove lights are designed to be flexible and versatile in any residential or commercial setting where ambient, sourceless down light is required to contribute to an eclectic sense of decorum. Phantom cove lighting fixtures are fully dimmable and can be linked to automation or lighting control systems so the home owner or office manager can manipulate them at will.

Contact us to discuss your clients needs and how the versatility and flexibility of Phantom custom cove lights can add value to your lighting design proposal today. We can be reached toll free at 800-863-1184 or visit our lighting blog for helpful cove lighting information.

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