AC Series Buss Bar Power Illustrations

This set of photos will lead you through the Phantom Adjustable Concealed concept (AC Series).  The key word to remember here is “Concealed.” Every component in this custom cabinet lighting installation application, once installed, will be invisible to the viewer’s line of sight, and will be illuminated from within by lighting strips hidden on the underside of the cabinet shelves.  Power is delivered to the lighting strips through three main lines of conduction:  the buss bars shown below, brass support clips mounted at the desired shelf levels, and brass contact pads on the underside of the shelves.  Brass screws are also used to connect the buss bars to the brass support clips, ensuring a completion of the low-voltage circuit that powers the lamps.

The Phantom AC series is intended for new cabinet build outs only.  The buss bars, corresponding connection, and linear strips are assembled with the cabinet and shelves at the time of manufacture.

First, the Cabinet maker will rout out the outer sides of the cabinet to accommodate the Buss Bars on either side.  One side will be the Power Conductor.  The buss bar will be ultimately be concealed in one of two ways.  Either the cabinet will stand next to other, similar cabinet sections that prevent the buss bar from being seen, or the cabinet maker will install a decorative panel on either side of the cabinet to cover the metal strips.

On the opposite side will be the Common Conductor. The Low Voltage Transformer will be connected to the corresponding Buss Bars (connection can be either at the top or the bottom of the cabinet).  The transformer is typically smaller than a shoebox and can be hidden anywhere within 20 feet of the cabinet. Some electricians install it in the attic just above the display, while others conceal it in the base of the cabinet. The location itself does not matter so long as the transformer is hidden but accessible for servicing, if necessary.

The front shelf support clips are attached with brass screws through the side of the cabinet into the threaded holes in the Buss Bars on either side.  These brass screws assure completion of the low voltage cabinet lighting circuit between the concealed metal components.  You can see how the front shelf supports connect to the cabinet.

Next, the Lighting Strip is mounted on the underside front edge of each shelf, behind the wood trim piece. Contact pads are installed and aligned with the front shelf supports. The strip is small enough that the trim completely hides it from the viewer’s line of sight.  The only wires that are used are the very short ones you see below that connect the strip to the contact pads and terminate on either end.

 When the adjustable shelf is then set in place, the contact pads, shelf supports, and buss bars are in perfect alignment, completing the circuit and allowing the strip to be powered on and illuminated.

NOTE:  The example shown is for a built-in cabinet, so the Buss Bars will not be visible once the cabinet is closed in.  For cabinetry with exposed sides, simply rout deeper channels and cover with trim or veneer, etc. to conceal the Buss Bars.

This should fully explain the exciting Phantom Adjustable Concealed Strip Lighting concept. Additional details are available on our main Phantom website, mobile Phantom website, including Strip Lighting Cut Sheets and Contour Projector Cut Sheets as a Downloadable PDF.

The Phantom AC Series “Wireless Cabinet Lighting System” is a safe, effective and unique low voltage concealed power distribution system designed and patented by the engineers at Phantom Lighting System for custom cabinet lighting and custom furniture lighting installations.

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