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shelf lightingThe right shelf lighting can serve as a beautiful accent in any room, and its placement will naturally draw people to the space. It’s important, then, that the fixtures make a strong impression, and that they illuminate everything placed in the display evenly. Homeowners spend a lot of time determining how they will set up a display or a cabinet, but they often spend a lot less time picking the best fixtures for the setup. Too much emphasis is put on fixture cost in some cases, and that will often lead to a set of cheap fixtures that aren’t worth the trouble. Poorly designed fixtures will result in a weak, uneven appearance that will appear sloppy. Instead, homeowners should consider a system that is designed to the display, and one that will last a long time.

What kind of shelf lighting should a homeowner consider?

Higher quality fixtures will blend in better with the furniture’s aesthetic, and can also be concealed if need be. This provides a seamless look that will appear sophisticated and well thought out, which is exactly what a homeowner should aim for. But cabinets and displays come in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes and compositions, so there isn’t a single fixture layout that will work every time. That’s why homeowners should focus on fixtures that can be designed to the display, and not the other way around.

Phantom’s shelf lighting comes in several varieties, and their unifying design mark is that they can be adjusted in many ways to come up with a calculated look. For example, its vertical mount model is ideal for cabinets with glass surfaces and can be installed on the sides or in the center of the cabinet. Its horizontal mount option, on the other hand, is ideal in cabinets with no concealment on the edges. Phantom also offers adjustable fixture systems that require no technical expertise or special tools to rearrange. To accomplish this, they are made with a unique design that consists of a concealed driver, buss bars, and shelf supports made from conductive materials. Adjustable fixtures are nearly unheard of in the industry, and they are ideal for homeowners that like to switch up their displays with some regularity, as it will save hundreds on electrician labor costs. And Phantom’s adjustable fixtures are further customizable, in that they can be installed in a concealed or exposed form.

What really makes Phantom’s shelf lighting work, though, is that it can be metered to any display, no matter its size or makeup. This is because Phantom offers several trim options, each of which produces a different spread and angle of illumination. These options range from beam angles less than 90 degrees, to angles nearly 180 degrees in width. Paired with a high quality LED source, the illumination will remain sharp and even throughout the display, ensuring there are no strange quirks in the illumination.

There’s nothing worse than thoughtfully putting together a set of photos, books or artwork, only to have it undone by poor shelf lighting. Let an illumination designer take over the project, and help produce that perfect look that every homeowner wants.

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