Strip Lighting Is One Of The Most Versatile Illumination Forms

One of Phantom’s most popular product is its strip lighting, and for good reason. These fixtures are completely hidden from view, even when in operation. They can be used in a number of applications and can be thoroughly customized. Kitchens, workspaces, garages, display shelves, book shelves and commercial spaces can all be enhanced using this illumination. This is possible because they bring warmth and color to an otherwise neutral or muted room. For this reason, they are popular in office buildings, restaurants, hotels, banks and any venue that could benefit from a creative touch.

Several manufacturers produce strip lighting, but Phantom’s are the gold standard for several reasons. For one, they are sleekly designed and can be hidden behind a simple shelf overhang bar. Phantom’s Adjustable Concealed (or AC) fixtures are powered using concealed energy sources and wiring, so they can be hidden easily. They consist of a buss bar that conduct energy directly to the bulbs. The buss bar is a piece of metal and switchboard integrated into the device which can provide energy while assuming a low profile. The buss bar is connected to brass contact plates and metal shelf supports which are hooked up to a concealed power source.

Phantom also offers a few exposed strip lighting products, each built with a modern design that integrates well with the furniture. Known as Adjustable Exposed (or AE), these devices can also be customized to fit any piece of furniture, but the shelf supported are installed on the outside of the furniture. They are available in several finishes that can each add to the piece’s look.

Strip lighting can be installed horizontally or vertically and are custom sized by Phantom to fit any setting. This customization is hard to find among most manufacturers, so it can be tough to get that perfect fit from competing fixtures. Precise sizing is extremely important in commercial applications because business clients need to exude a professional appearance. Poorly sized fixtures can make an installation look sloppy, so it’s best to select a manufacturer that follows a given set of measurements. Electricians, designer, architects and contractors also prefer precision and ease of installment, which is why they frequently select Phantom for their projects.

The prevailing strip lighting technologies include xenon and LED festoon lamps. Phantom also offers incandescent fixtures, which are still a popular option for people who prefer warmer color tones. Incandescent fixtures are ideal for residential applications and are perfect for display cases and cabinets. Xenon and LED lamps, though, are much more efficient and can produce a range of color tones, including neutral white. Xenon fixtures, also known as high intensity discharge lamps, produce more illumination per watt than standard bulbs. They do this with a combination of xenon gas and vaporized metal. When excited, the electrons in the xenon atoms collide into metal atoms, causing them to change their orbit and emit photons. LED technology produces illumination using semiconductor technology. Both xenon and LED festoon lamps can be integrated into nearly any project. They are ideal for art museums and galleries because they render color extremely well.

With modern design and manufacturing techniques, beautiful illumination can come in any package and fit in any space. Phantom’s fixtures are the best examples of this versatility.