Surface Mount Art Light Is A Good Choice For Homeowners

A surface mount art light is a popular choice for many homeowners because it typically offers excellent illumination options in a less expensive package. The difference between these fixtures and recessed fixtures is their installation. Recessed fixtures are placed inside a ceiling or wall, and have to have a space cut out for them. Mounted fixtures are attached directly to a wall or ceiling and do not require significant alterations to the space as a result. This reduces installation costs and time and does not require any sacrifice in performance or aesthetics. It also may be the only option in homes with no space above the ceiling, or where penetration of the insulation barrier is undesirable.

What are the benefits of a surface mount art light?

These fixtures are prized for their flexibility, lower cost, and performance. They can produce just as much illumination as recessed fixtures and are applicable for a number of display settings. However, while most recessed fixtures can only be aimed up to a certain aiming angle, these fixtures have greater freedom of movement and unlimited adjustability. A good example of this would be a home with sloped ceilings or homes with exposed truss beams.  Did you know it is possible to surface mount your art light on a beam or top of a cabinet to help hide the equipment? Yes, this is often done where ceiling mounting would not be desirable or to miss and obstruction such as a ceiling fan, chandelier, or other obstruction.

In general, a surface mount (SM) art light can use any source of illumination available on the market. This includes halogen, which is considered the best option for paintings and most sculptures.

Four of Phantom’s five optical framing projectors are recessed, but Phantom does offer a version that is attached to the ceiling. The SM series provides the same level of elite performance as Phantom’s other projectors and is just as customizable. This includes Phantom’s masking attachments that can shape the halogen beam to just about any pattern. The SM series is ideal for a homeowner that doesn’t mind an exposed projector or prefers the aesthetic of an exposed fixture.

Where can a homeowner get advice on which surface mount art light to use?

Some museums and galleries use these fixtures in their exhibits, though a large number prefer recessed fixtures. Track fixtures are a popular choice in galleries, and a homeowner can get a good idea of how they perform and look by seeing them in person. The same track fixtures used in professional settings are often available to homeowners as well.

Eventually, a homeowner will need to speak to a design expert if they want a clear idea of which fixtures to use. A designer can assess any space and determine how a certain fixture will perform, taking into account the room’s dimensions, composition, color, and ambient illumination. For a homeowner, accounting for all of these factors can be near impossible, so it is usually a good idea to bring in a design expert for an art display job.

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