Never Underestimate Shelf Lighting Products

The power of high quality shelf lighting products cannot be underestimated, and homeowners that see them in action will immediately realize why. Everything looks better under beautifully metered illumination, and with the right fixtures, a homeowner can even get that striking museum look that really impresses. But that’s not a look that off the shelf fixtures can offer, and any designer worth their salt will say the same. Continue reading “Never Underestimate Shelf Lighting Products”

Adjustable Lighting For Cabinets Can Fit Any Shelf

Adjustable lights designed for display cabinets can take a mundane-looking collection and turn it into something that is both beautiful and dynamic. This is partly due to the excellent flexibility that Phantom’s LED fixtures offer, as they are among the only fixtures on the market that can be rearranged after installation. Continue reading “Adjustable Lighting For Cabinets Can Fit Any Shelf”

Adjustable Cabinet Lights Offer The Best Solution

Adjustable cabinet lights are the answer to the frustrating issues that come with rigid, inflexible illumination systems. Phantom is one of the few producers of flexible display fixtures, and can pair the versatile system with its powerful, efficient LED fixtures. Continue reading “Adjustable Cabinet Lights Offer The Best Solution”

Display Shelf Lighting Makes An Impact

Display shelf lighting has an important job in the home. It has to offer enough illumination to catch attention, but not in a way that is annoying to observers. That’s a fine balance to strike, and it takes a versatile fixture to make it happen. This is where Phantom’s fixtures truly shine, as they are designed for aesthetic applications and made with power and flexibility in mind. And because they are made specifically for aesthetic purposes, they are easy to conceal and can be positioned in one of several arrangements. Continue reading “Display Shelf Lighting Makes An Impact”

Use Cabinet Lights That Are LED And Adjustable With Shelves

Cabinet lights that use LED and adjustable fixtures are considered by many experts to be the gold standard of display illumination. Diode technology is quickly overtaking all other forms of illumination, and though it still isn’t the perfect fixture in every situation, its incredible efficiency and customizability means it is the best choice in many applications. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures, for example, both produce a staggering amount of output while remaining extremely flexible during installation. Continue reading “Use Cabinet Lights That Are LED And Adjustable With Shelves”

Illuminating Adjustable Shelving With LED Lights

As more and more home and business owners realize the perks of diode technology, illuminating adjustable shelving with LED lights will continue to grow in popularity. It took a while for experts to seriously consider diode fixtures in their displays, but the technology has made huge advances in just a couple decades. Now, it offers comparable, even superior, output versus incandescent, fluorescent and other standard fixtures. Continue reading “Illuminating Adjustable Shelving With LED Lights”

Showcase Adjustable LED Lighting Benefits The Display

If a homeowner wants to showcase adjustable LED lighting in their home, Phantom can provide the technology and the expertise. More and more homeowners are catching on to what display illumination can do for a space, but it can be a chore setting it up. And once it is installed, it can be even more difficult to move it around if a homeowner wants a fresh look. Continue reading “Showcase Adjustable LED Lighting Benefits The Display”

Adjustable Lighting For Merchandizing Is A Great Method

Installing adjustable lighting for your merchandizing needs is the kind of move a forward-thinking shop owner makes. There is an incredible amount of research out there that demonstrates just how important illumination is to a business’s reputation and success. But even with this research, many shop owners don’t take commercial fixtures seriously. Continue reading “Adjustable Lighting For Merchandizing Is A Great Method”

Moveable LED Shelf Lighting Are Great For Displays

Moveable LED shelf lighting is the future of display illumination, and it offers an impossible to beat combination of efficiency, power, control and flexibility. Those are just some of the reasons why the technology is finding its way into homes and businesses around the country. However, its impact is difficult to appreciate until you see it in person. Continue reading “Moveable LED Shelf Lighting Are Great For Displays”