Never Underestimate Shelf Lighting Products

Showcase-Adjustable-LED-LightingThe power of high quality shelf lighting products cannot be underestimated, and homeowners that see them in action will immediately realize why. Everything looks better under beautifully metered illumination, and with the right fixtures, a homeowner can even get that striking museum look that really impresses. But that’s not a look that off the shelf fixtures can offer, and any designer worth their salt will say the same. The best way to handle a prized display is to pair it with high end fixtures that have been custom fit to the display, whether it’s sitting in a cabinet or exposed from every angle.

Phantom’s shelf lighting products include many technologies, but its Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are the ones that stand out. That’s because they offer all of the power that homeowners need while providing several options for greater versatility.

For example, Phantom is one of a select number of manufacturers that offer adjustable fixtures for cabinetry. Phantom’s adjustable fixtures are made with a low voltage system powered using buss bars. With no exposed wiring present, the fixtures can be moved with the display and can be done so without any fear of injury.

Phantom can also provide alternatives in situations where the Elite and Ultra are not appropriate. Recessed fixtures and projectors are other popular, effective choices among homeowners, and a Phantom Lighting designer can help a homeowner run through their options to determine which would be the best way to go.

Adjustable Lighting For Cabinets Can Fit Any Shelf

holiday01-LAdjustable lights designed for display cabinets can take a mundane-looking collection and turn it into something that is both beautiful and dynamic. This is partly due to the excellent flexibility that Phantom’s LED fixtures offer, as they are among the only fixtures on the market that can be rearranged after installation. Normally, display fixtures are rooted in place with exposed wiring, and this is something that a homeowner cannot mess with as it is unsafe. Phantom, though, uses technology that allows anyone, with no tools whatsoever, to move the fixtures into new positions and get as many looks as the homeowner can come up with.

Phantom’s adjustable lights are designed for cabinets of all shapes and sizes, and they can be concealed or exposed. They produce illumination that is identical in power and quality to standard fixtures, though Phantom offers some customization options, such as color temperature and dimmer controls that allow a homeowner to detail their look further. However, what sets these fixtures apart is how they deliver power to the fixtures. Instead of using exposed wiring, a concealed driver manages current into a set of heavy steel buss bars that conduct the electricity into brass shelf supports and contact pads. These pads deliver power to the fixtures themselves. The contact pads and shelf supports are fixed to the buss bars using pins. By removing the pins and fastening them into a different part of the buss bar, the shelves and their fixtures can be set into any position.

When it comes time to switch up the shelving position, any homeowner with Phantom’s flexible fixtures will be grateful they don’t have to pay an electrician to move the display.

Adjustable Cabinet Lights Offer The Best Solution

Showcase-Adjustable-LED-LightingAdjustable cabinet lights are the answer to the frustrating issues that come with rigid, inflexible illumination systems. Phantom is one of the few producers of flexible display fixtures, and can pair the versatile system with its powerful, efficient LED fixtures. This makes for a display illumination system that is not only beautiful enough to attract attention, but adaptable and convenient for nearly any type of display a homeowner might have.

Phantom’s adjustable cabinet lights are so flexible because they are not installed using exposed wiring. It’s this wiring that normally makes it impossible to shift the fixtures around, and it comes standard in the vast majority of display fixtures. Phantom’s LED systems instead use buss bars and brass components to channel the current from the concealed driver, without the need for exposed wiring.

The real flexibility in the system, though, comes from the buss bars because they are fabricated with several anchoring spots and run up the length of the furniture. When a homeowner wants to place the shelving in a new position, they only have to remove the anchor screw, find a new spot for the shelf, and replace the screw. It is an extremely easy way to manage sophisticated display illumination, and its flexibility makes it ideal for showing off striking, uniquely shaped items.

Display Shelf Lighting Makes An Impact

holiday01-LDisplay shelf lighting has an important job in the home. It has to offer enough illumination to catch attention, but not in a way that is annoying to observers. That’s a fine balance to strike, and it takes a versatile fixture to make it happen. This is where Phantom’s fixtures truly shine, as they are designed for aesthetic applications and made with power and flexibility in mind. And because they are made specifically for aesthetic purposes, they are easy to conceal and can be positioned in one of several arrangements.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are the ideal display shelf lighting options, as they offer some of the most powerful fixtures on the market. In some settings, this power may be needed, but if something more subtle is required, Phantom’s dimmer controls will allow a homeowner to set the desired level of brightness. The Elite and Ultra are also built with glare shields that soften and spread the illumination in a diffuse pattern. This disguises where the illumination is coming from and also prevents any hard edges from appearing. So, instead of a gaudy spotlight effect, the fixtures will provide a warm glow that is much more inviting.

During installation, the fixtures are placed behind one of Phantom’s aiming trims, and these trims filter out some angles of illumination so only the cabinet is illuminated. It’s a beautiful effect that appears measured and put together. It’s the kind of look that even professional designers will envy.

Use Cabinet Lights That Are LED And Adjustable With Shelves

Living_Room_CabinetsCabinet lights that use LED and adjustable fixtures are considered by many experts to be the gold standard of display illumination. Diode technology is quickly overtaking all other forms of illumination, and though it still isn’t the perfect fixture in every situation, its incredible efficiency and customizability means it is the best choice in many applications. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures, for example, both produce a staggering amount of output while remaining extremely flexible during installation. Of course, what really makes these fixtures stand out is their unique design that uses minimal wiring. This design means that Phantom’s diode strips can be moved with shelving using nothing but a little elbow grease.

It may not seem like a big deal that fixtures can be easily moved with furniture shelving. However, cabinet lights that use LED and adjustable fixtures can work with so many displays, that it’s almost a shame to just settle on a single display. Home and business owners are always adding to their décor and product listings, and it’s a big advantage to be able to rearrange the fixtures around to best fit new additions or a new layout. And going with diode technology means additional safety, for both the people viewing the display and for the display subjects themselves. With no heat to worry about, you don’t have to worry about books or art discoloring, or young children burning themselves on the fixtures.

Versatility is an underrated aspect of display illumination, but once you have the Elite or Ultra working for you, you’ll understand why it is so valuable.

Illuminating Adjustable Shelving With LED Lights

ls_application18_250As more and more home and business owners realize the perks of diode technology, illuminating adjustable shelving with LED lights will continue to grow in popularity. It took a while for experts to seriously consider diode fixtures in their displays, but the technology has made huge advances in just a couple decades. Now, it offers comparable, even superior, output versus incandescent, fluorescent and other standard fixtures. And it does this while offering the best efficiency on the market and an extended lifespan. A longer lifespan should be of particular interest to shop owners, who often dread bringing in maintenance crews to change a single fixture.

The primary reason why illuminating adjustable shelving with LED lights makes sense is because Phantom’s diode fixtures offer optimal flexibility. And it’s not just arrangement flexibility that is a major point in the Elite and Ultra’s favor. Both models are also available in several color temperature and monochromatic options, which open up many more display options. The Elite and Ultra can also be attached to dimmer controls that allow for fine control over output levels, multiplying the number of looks a single display setup can bring to a space.

And because diode fixtures are so efficient, it isn’t a big deal if they are left on around the clock. They won’t drain a lot of power and they’ll still outlive most other fixtures, even if left on at night. It’s all about ease of use with the Elite and Ultra, which will be a breath of fresh air to people used to the overly complex installation and operation methods most fixture manufacturers rely on.

Showcase Adjustable LED Lighting Benefits The Display

Showcase-Adjustable-LED-LightingIf a homeowner wants to showcase adjustable LED lighting in their home, Phantom can provide the technology and the expertise. More and more homeowners are catching on to what display illumination can do for a space, but it can be a chore setting it up. And once it is installed, it can be even more difficult to move it around if a homeowner wants a fresh look. This frustration is what inspired Phantom to create its Elite and Ultra fixtures that could easily be repositioned with shelving.

The best reason to showcase adjustable LED lighting in the home? It’s the most convenient way to provide a sophisticated display for pictures, books, and anything else that can fit on a shelf. There are a lot of fixtures out there that are designed for cabinets and shelving, but they are almost always reliant on exposed wiring to deliver power to the lamps. This is a problem when it comes time to move the shelving, because only an electrician can safely reposition the fixtures. This means setting an appointment, waiting for the technician to arrive, and waiting while they reconfigure the wiring system. This adds to the bottom line of operating the system.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode strips instead use a combination of concealed drivers, buss bars, and conductive contact pads to maintain a safe circuit that requires no exposed wiring to function. Once it’s time to reposition the shelving, the conductive shelf supports just have to be repositioned along with the shelves. This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to powerful, versatile illumination.

Adjustable Lighting For Merchandizing Is A Great Method

Living_Room_CabinetsInstalling adjustable lighting for your merchandizing needs is the kind of move a forward-thinking shop owner makes. There is an incredible amount of research out there that demonstrates just how important illumination is to a business’s reputation and success. But even with this research, many shop owners don’t take commercial fixtures seriously. Part of the reason might be because most fixtures are rather inflexible once installed, and moving them around takes the help of an expensive technician. This is no longer a problem with Phantom’s LED fixtures.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips are the best option in adjustable lighting for merchandizing purposes. They aren’t hamstrung by the exposed wiring that holds other fixtures back, instead relying on buss bars to deliver power to the fixtures. The buss bars also function as shelf supports, so there is almost no downtime for the fixtures when changing up a display.

Any experienced shop owner will tell you that the key to selling products is presentation. After a while, the same old display will grow stale and people will stop buying. Something as simple as changing up the shelf arrangement, though, can pay off big dividends, and with fixtures that can reposition with them, it’s possible to get an amazing number of displays with minimal effort. In short, it’s one of the few no-brainer business decisions out there.

Moveable LED Shelf Lighting Are Great For Displays

Cabinet Lighting is now renowned for it's unique "Lighted from Within" appearance.Moveable LED shelf lighting is the future of display illumination, and it offers an impossible to beat combination of efficiency, power, control and flexibility. Those are just some of the reasons why the technology is finding its way into homes and businesses around the country. However, its impact is difficult to appreciate until you see it in person. And it truly can’t be appreciated until you’ve seen how adjustable it is. Fact is, there are many display fixture options out there designed for cabinetry, but Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are some of the few that can be adjusted after installation.

So, how adjustable is Phantom’s moveable LED shelf lighting? They are as adjustable as the shelving they are attached to, capable of providing a range of looks. This is possible because they don’t utilize exposed wiring. It takes special expertise to wire a set of fixtures up, and it’s not safe for a homeowner to do it on their own. And when it comes time to rearrange the furniture, the wiring has to be dealt with. In short, this means standard fixtures are extremely frustrating to reposition, so most homeowners don’t even bother.

Of course, that may just not be acceptable for a homeowner that likes to switch up their display cabinets often. For those people, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are a safe, beautiful option that can work in just about any arrangement.

Deciding To Install Cabinet Lighting To Any Room

Enhancing a home or room’s look with cabinet lighting is a combination of aesthetics and functionality. These illumination fixtures have moved far beyond their function of task luminances in the kitchen. They can be found inside curios, bookcases, or used as rim luminances for artwork or flat screen televisions. There are different varieties of cabinet lighting installations, but they all have the same thing in common – they remain unseen while they bring greater visibility to collectables, artwork, or books.

Adjustable and fixed shelf linear strips provide a completely hidden source of illumination inside bookcases, hutches, and other display pieces. These strips can be mounted vertically or horizontally, while maintaining a seamless look. Vertical mounts are recommended for shelves more than thirty inches long, and can be installed without damaging the shelving. Vertical mounts can be notched to fit around shelves or even installed in segments. For furniture pieces with glass doors, a professional will suggest LED linear strips. They are safer than fluorescents and halogens because they produce little to no heat, do not emit ultraviolet radiation, and cost pennies to operate annually. They come in a range of color tones and can create any mood, look or atmosphere.

The heart of any home is the kitchen. It is where everyone gathers to prepare meals, entertain, do schoolwork, and catch up. A kitchen’s illumination needs require more than just the harsh fluorescent glaring from the ceiling. For an even distribution of light, LED linear strips are recommended. They present a uniformed look, are highly functional, and are aesthetically pleasing. Because the new LED linear strips are dimmable and energy efficient, they can be left on overnight to provide illumination for safety. With quality illumination, elegance no longer has to come second to functionality.