Where To Start With Art Illumination

A Contemporary Picture Deserves The Best LightsThere are many approaches to art illumination, but only a few can provide a special look that will wow others. People quickly get used to traditional forms of lighting, which can make it difficult to get people to pay attention to a prized painting or sculpture. Fortunately, optical framing projectors can provide exactly what homeowners are looking for – a streamlined fixture that can easily blend into any setting and provide a unique lighting pattern that most people have never seen before. And Phantom can help set it up as well.

Optical framing projectors are the ultimate form of art illumination, and are typically recessed inside the ceiling and hidden with a minimalistic cover plate. From their concealed position, they fire a powerful beam of halogen light which can be shaped using a masking attachment. The point of shaping the light is to ensure only the subject is lit up, and not everything around it. The problem with spill lighting is that it doesn’t help the painting or sculpture stand out, making it appear somewhat flat. However, by masking the light, either with a set of adjustable shutters or with a custom metal slide, the subject will appear much brighter than the wall it is mounted to. That not only makes the subject appear more vivid, it also gives it depth and visual focus.

And that effect is something that most people have never seen before, so if a homeowner wants a certain precious painting or sculpture to get the respect it deserves, an optical framing projector is an obvious choice.

Focusing Light To Highlight Art With An Optical Projector

dawson_3Focusing light to highlight art is always easier to do with an expert helping out, and help may be needed for a homeowner who isn’t technically inclined. Still, Phantom designs its optical framing projectors to be as intuitive as possible, so they are extremely flexible in trained hands. This flexibility offers plenty of placement options, so a homeowner can get nearly any look they want in any room they want. With additional placement options, an installer can get rid of glare and ensure the fixture remains as inconspicuous as possible.

The trick to focusing light to highlight art is finding the right spot for the projector. Phantom’s projectors offer more positional flexibility than any other projector on the market, primarily because they are made with a unique lensing apparatus. The rotating ring and mounting cradle allow for complete horizontal and vertical aiming, but the lensing apparatus means the projector can offer multiple beam spreads as well. So, not only can the projector be offset to bounce glare away from most viewing angles, it can be set at one of several distances without loss of display quality. No matter where the projector is placed, it will produce zero spill illumination and create the high contrast, lighted from within effect that Phantom aims for.

Why Is Lighting Art With Framing Projectors The Best Option

Experts Use A Variety Of Techniques For Lighting ArtworkLighting art with framing projectors is gaining steam among homeowners, though it remains one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Every designer’s goal is to produce a system for their clients that looks like a one of a kind of display. But in an industry where designers are constantly pushing new technology to its limits, achieving that goal may feel impossible. Using shaped illumination is one of those new concepts, and is perhaps the final word on sophisticated painting or sculpture displays.

The end effect is the primary reason for lighting art with framing projectors. Shaped illumination has an enormous capacity to generate contrast, and every designer knows that contrast is key to generating visual interest. To get that high contrast appearance, the fixture is masked in a way that eliminates spill illumination. While spill can produce a dramatic look that some homeowners prefer, it can also flatten the subject against the wall, as it is less clear where the boundaries of the painting or sculpture are. Of course, people don’t really have trouble picking up on the shape and size of the subject, but with additional contrast, its colors will appear more vibrant and provide extra depth around the subject’s edges, making it appear as if it is popping off the wall.

It’s a show stopper, to be sure, and is completely safe to use with a delicate subject as well, so it is appropriate for any setup.

Use Optical Framing Light For Art When Illuminating Pieces

Eyles_LivingThe key to setting up the ideal painting or sculpture display is placing an optical framing light made for art. Projectors are usually the best option for any display, as they offer unparalleled flexibility and precision; both are essential components of any sharp look. This flexibility is something that Phantom truly prides itself on, offering more customization options and projector models than any other competitor. With all of the additional options, Phantom’s projectors can fit almost any setting.

Phantom offers several projector models; each of them formatted for a particular situation. Some models are better for installation between floors, in rooms with higher ceilings, in new construction and in settings where an unobtrusive, streamlined appearance is necessary. And for homeowners that care more about the cost than appearance, Phantom offers a surface mount projector that is more economical and easier to install.

In addition to its projector models, Phantom’s optical framing light is made for art of any size and shape. This includes intricate sculptures fashioned with curves, edges and unique features. This is possible because Phantom offers four different masking methods for its projectors, including a custom made template that can be adjusted to nearly any subject. One popular display method is to mask the illumination perfectly to the edges of the subject, producing no spill illumination around the piece’s edges. This produces a glow effect that is sure to get people to take notice.