Using Specialized Art Lighting Techniques For A Display

Specialized art lighting techniques are the best way to get the most out of a display, as priceless paintings and sculptures can’t be properly displayed with a basic, off the shelf fixture. While there are several advanced approaches available, optical framing projectors are favored by many illumination experts. Continue reading “Using Specialized Art Lighting Techniques For A Display”

Get Assistance From Experts When Lighting Fine Art

Museums and galleries have been lighting fine art for centuries, but designers are still finding novel ways to do it all the time. Now, homeowners that want to get maximum impact from their display will need fixtures that do more than just fill the space with illumination. Continue reading “Get Assistance From Experts When Lighting Fine Art”

Specialty Art Lighting Requires The Right Fixture

With the right specialty art lighting, any display can be made into a unique work of art on its own, but it takes some expertise and planning. In recent years, high-quality fixture technologies have been added to the market, some of which are specifically formatted for displaying paintings and sculptures. Continue reading “Specialty Art Lighting Requires The Right Fixture”

Find Specialists In Fine Art Lighting

When it comes time to set up a display for a painting or a sculpture, the first people to call are the specialists in fine art lighting. It’s always exciting setting up fixtures for a new piece, but it’s always best to plan out the project before executing it. This will ensure the homeowner gets the best possible look for their display, and one that will last for many years. Continue reading “Find Specialists In Fine Art Lighting”

Using Optical Framing Projectors To Illuminate Art

Using optical framing projectors to illuminate art is a technique that lighting experts are starting to use for high end installations, and for good reason. These fixtures are extremely flexible and can be used with nearly any painting or sculpture in existence. That’s because they can be masked and adjusted in many ways, and even come in several models ideal for challenging settings. Additional flexibility comes with some extra considerations, though, which is something that a lighting expert can help with. Continue reading “Using Optical Framing Projectors To Illuminate Art”

Art Lighting Experts Can Help You Create Any Display

With the help of art lighting experts, a homeowner can get that perfect look for their display without putting up with a frustrating installation process. One of the reasons why homeowners stay away from advanced illumination systems is that they aren’t sure how to place the fixtures themselves, and they can’t find help from a professional they trust. Continue reading “Art Lighting Experts Can Help You Create Any Display”

Art Illumination Techniques From Lighting Professionals

The right art illuminations need techniques that make a huge visual impact. Many homeowners rely on the subject’s natural beauty to snag attention, but why make it harder than it has to be? Lighting can take an already gorgeous work and spark new life into it, turning back the clock and making the subject appear as if it was just created. Continue reading “Art Illumination Techniques From Lighting Professionals”

Experts Use A Variety Of Techniques For Lighting Artwork

Experts have access to a vast number of techniques for lighting artwork, but they all approach the job the same way. The purpose of these fixtures is to frame the subject with illumination; helping it stand out from its surroundings and making it appear more vivid while preserving its true colors. Continue reading “Experts Use A Variety Of Techniques For Lighting Artwork”

Lighting For Paintings Needs To Be Done Correctly

Setting up lighting for paintings can be an intensive task, but if done right, the fixtures will produce an amazing look. There are dozens of illumination options out there, which is why the planning part of the process is the most important. Continue reading “Lighting For Paintings Needs To Be Done Correctly”

Let Phantom Art Lighting Experts Help You

With the right art lighting experts on your side, it’s possible to display any creative subject, from a single painting to a collection of photographs or a sculpture. When setting up a new display installation, it’s important not to settle for basic fixtures, even if the subject is vivid and visually interesting. Continue reading “Let Phantom Art Lighting Experts Help You”