Choosing The Best Art Lighting Fixture For Displays

There is no single best art lighting fixture on the market, though optical framing projectors represent the most modern and creative approach to display illumination. Homeowners have a lot of system options to choose from when setting up a display, and every homeowner has their own priorities when it comes to executing display lighting. Continue reading “Choosing The Best Art Lighting Fixture For Displays”

When Should The NC Series Be Installed?

Phantom Lighting’s optical framing projectors are designed to fit into any setting, and the New Construction, or NC, series is the choice when that setting is still being built. Specifically, this model is intended for use prior to installation of sheetrock, and comes with a set of mounting bars that can accommodate joist spacing up to 10 inches high and 24 inches wide. Continue reading “When Should The NC Series Be Installed?”

Lighting Fixture Catalogs Should Be Reviewed

Lighting fixture catalogs have a wealth of information for homeowners looking to upgrade their display illumination. These product listings are an excellent first step for homeowners planning a project, and there are some valuable pieces of information a homeowner can pick up by looking through a listing. Continue reading “Lighting Fixture Catalogs Should Be Reviewed”

Use An Optical Framing Light As Your Art Lighting Solution

Homeowners are always looking for that perfect fixture for their artwork, and an optical framing light can be that technology that leaves a lasting impact. Artwork is meant to inspire, and to elevate the space it inhabits, but cheap fixtures will prevent it from reaching such heights. Hotspots and shadows can undermine a painting or sculpture’s appearance, so homeowners should always think quality when setting up an artistic display. Continue reading “Use An Optical Framing Light As Your Art Lighting Solution”

Art Lighting Upgrades Can Make A Big Difference

With a powerful set of art lighting upgrades, a homeowner can get that display they have always dreamed of, one that looks like it jumped out of the pages of a magazine. Anyone who has been to a museum or gallery can attest to the impact that illumination can have on a painting or sculpture and that cannot be overstated. But finding the high-quality fixtures and installing them properly is another thing entirely. Fortunately, illumination designers can help find the perfect set of fixtures for a homeowner. Continue reading “Art Lighting Upgrades Can Make A Big Difference”

Finding A Professional For Art Lighting Advice

Professional fixture designers will be able to provide all the art lighting advice a homeowner needs to get a beautiful look, and can provide more than just guidance. Illumination itself can be used in a myriad of creative ways, and while a homeowner may know what they want in their head, designing and installing a fixture layout is entirely another thing. Continue reading “Finding A Professional For Art Lighting Advice”

For Art Illumination Use The Best Lights

Art illumination is done with lights of all kinds, and with so many fixture options available, a homeowner may feel lost when setting up a display. That’s okay, because fixtures aren’t made to be intuitive to most homeowners, and thankfully there are always experts willing to help out. If a homeowner wants a truly unique aesthetic, though, and one that most people are not going to dismiss right away, then they should consider an optical framing projector. Continue reading “For Art Illumination Use The Best Lights”

Using A Projector For Art Lighting Gives The Best Results

Using a projector for art lighting purposes is catching on quickly among homeowners, and even interior designers are relying on it to create an impactful display. That’s no surprise, because no other technology can mimic an optical framing fixture’s ability to contour illumination to the subject. Continue reading “Using A Projector For Art Lighting Gives The Best Results”

Lighting Multiple Objects Of Art From One Light Source

Lighting multiple objects of art from one light source is difficult without the right technology, but with the right fixtures, it is possible to illuminate several subjects at once without creating an annoying amount of glare or overhead clutter. And this is normally the problem as homeowners typically rely on fixtures such as track lighting, and that just washes the entire space with illumination, not rendering the best look for the display. Continue reading “Lighting Multiple Objects Of Art From One Light Source”

How Highlighting Art With Optical Framing Projectors Works

By highlighting art with optical framing projectors, a homeowner can get the kind of look that is normally only seen in museums and galleries. In the past, displaying paintings and sculptures meant blowing up an entire wall with illumination, as this was once the only way to establish a centerpiece in a display. Continue reading “How Highlighting Art With Optical Framing Projectors Works”