5 Reasons That Display Cabinet Lighting Fixtures Do the Best Job

Why do so many people believe that display cabinet lighting fixtures do the best job? There are a variety of reasons. The main reason that all will agree with is how they look. They can transform a cabinet and the items displayed there. The cabinet can become a focal point for the room that it is in, and make the space itself more attractive. The lighting can showcase valuable art pieces, family heirlooms, or simply highlight the personal taste of the owner. Continue reading “5 Reasons That Display Cabinet Lighting Fixtures Do the Best Job”

What Are The Cabinet Light Components For A Display?

To get the most out of a display system, it takes the right cabinet light components. There are many, many fixture technologies on the market, and there are many ways to customize these fixtures. With so many decisions to make, it’s best to leave the technical and creative details to an experienced professional. Continue reading “What Are The Cabinet Light Components For A Display?”

Lighting Fixture Catalogs Should Be Reviewed

Lighting fixture catalogs have a wealth of information for homeowners looking to upgrade their display illumination. These product listings are an excellent first step for homeowners planning a project, and there are some valuable pieces of information a homeowner can pick up by looking through a listing. Armed with this info, a homeowner can speed up the selection process and ask more in depth questions during a consultation with a designer.

Most lighting fixture catalogs include pictures of the product, along with some technical specs. Phantom’s product listings are designed to be a comprehensive reference guide, offering a quick glance in the form of specifications and features, and more detailed looks at how the system can be positioned and customized.

However, even with some basic details and a photo or two, a homeowner can make some decisions about what system to look for. Does a particular product fit in with a home’s aesthetic? Is it classic, elegant or contemporary? Is it compatible with modern illumination technologies, like LED, or is it designed for older systems? Can it be aimed in multiple directions, or does it only fire up or directly down? How customizable is it? Can it be positioned and then aimed, or does it need to be aimed before positioning?

All important questions, and the answers will be different for each illumination source. It can seem like a lot of info to take in, but that info will help a homeowner make the right choice.

Cabinet Lighting Pros Are Worth Hiring For Your Home

Cabinet-LED-Display-LightsCabinet lighting pros fulfill an extremely important role when setting up display fixtures. They can take a homeowner’s preferences and vision and turn them into reality. That’s easier said than done, and it takes a deep reservoir of knowledge to make happen, but an expert illumination designer will have dozens of projects under their belt and can work with nearly any setting. An expert can help with every aspect of the job as well, from fixture selection to installation.

When setting up a high end project that involves bookcases or display shelving, it is cabinet lighting pros that will provide the design. This means the experts will consult with the homeowner regarding what they want, and the experts will provide a set of fixtures that best meets the homeowner’s needs. Experienced designers have access to excellent fixture technology, including unique fixtures of their own creation, and are usually partnered with fixture manufactures with whom they have a close professional relationship. All of this is good news for a homeowner, who is sure to get the best possible everything during the process. That’s the best design, the best fixture quality, and the best fixture reliability, all of which are essential to a successful project.

Not every homeowner wants to get intensely involved with the process, and they don’t have to with design experts on their side. These seasoned professionals can nail down all of the important details and make them happen.

Cabinet Lighting Reviews Helps You Make A Good Decision

holiday01-LCabinet lighting reviews can help a homeowner make smart decisions regarding display fixtures, and this feedback is bringing out some important trends. Perhaps the most notable among them is that more and more homeowners are looking for custom installations instead of a standard design that is rather inflexible. Homeowners who have been through the process also have a strong idea of what to look for in a fixture, and what to avoid.

Phantom’s name comes up quite a bit in positive cabinet lighting reviews, and for good reason. Phantom’s fixtures, particularly its Elite and Ultra, are extremely flexible and can fit into spaces most other fixtures cannot go. This, along with their customization options, makes the Elite and Ultra among the most versatile display fixtures on the market. Phantom’s former clients also appreciate the high quality components found in the Elite and Ultra, which ensure long term durability and a reliable source of bright illumination.

There can’t be any flaws in display illumination, as the slightest quirk will be picked up on right away. That’s why Phantom only accepts thoroughly binned LEDs from a single manufacturer, and also why Phantom pairs its strip fixtures with dimmer controls, aiming trims, and glare shields. This fine tunes the illumination until it flows evenly and beautifully. It’s a measured look that homeowners will truly appreciate.

Deciding On Cabinet Lighting Products

study_onHigh quality cabinet lighting products are intense, but can be controlled. They are flexible, but offer unmatched illumination quality. Illuminating a display can be tricky, especially if there are oddly shaped items or items made from unique materials, but premium fixtures will do a much better job of showing off anything, from art to photography, from sports memorabilia to historical artifacts. That’s because illumination designers that offer premium fixtures are also willing to work with homeowners and put together a system that works for their house in particular.

Cabinet lighting products have one all-important goal. They have to make a display look better. Fitting the fixtures so that they offer even illumination and setting up aiming trims to block out stray illumination rays ensure an even look, which should be the goal. Even illumination prevents hotspots or dark spots, both of which negatively affect how the display appears. Phantom furthers this by installing metal glare shields and dimmer controls into its fixtures. The glare shields diffuse the illumination slightly and feather it out, while dimmer controls allow the homeowner to dictate the system’s output level, so if glare starts becoming an issue, the fixtures can be brought down some to dull it.

Phantom also offers color options and can even provide top-of-the-line projectors for special cases, like homes showing off artwork on top of or inside the cabinetry. There’s really no display that Phantom can’t improve with its fixtures, and once installed, a homeowner will wonder why they ever bothered with off the shelf fixtures in the past.

What Are The Best Under Cabinet Lights?

What Are The Best Under Cabinet Lights?To be considered among the best under cabinet lights, a fixture has to stand out among the dozens of competitors out there. These types of fixtures have been around for decades, but have always relied on inefficient technology, forcing homeowners to throw away money every year for no good reason. When done right, this type of illumination is the perfect way to set a peaceful mood in the kitchen or a work area. It is meant to gently wash over countertops, adding to the rich color mosaic that embodies the heart of the home.

Who produces the best under cabinet lights on the market?

Phantom has perfected the design for these fixtures, making them as compact as possible without subtracting from their beauty. It may not seem like a big deal, but a compact design is important for keeping the fixtures out of sight. Wiring and fixture housings are an eyesore and shouldn’t be visible with a premium fixture.

Phantom’s fixtures are available in a few different varieties, but most use superior LED technology to produce efficient, safe illumination. LEDs have only recently been perfected for home illumination, but they are already much more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. LED bulbs are also safer because they don’t emit much heat at all, which means they can be left on without fear of starting a fire.

How these fixtures are installed, though, is what really makes them the best under cabinet lights on the market. Because they are formed into strips, these fixtures can be cut to any length. Phantom takes advantage of this by cutting each fixture to the exact length of each installation. The installer provides Phantom with the measurements and Phantom will produce them to fit. Phantom also uses LED bulbs provided by a single supplier, so each fixture is consistent in its performance. This, along with Phantom’s aiming trims, will ensure the perfect spread of illumination.

This is important because if the spread is too tight, it will look like a spotlight. If it’s too spread out, there won’t be enough illumination to make any effect. If it’s not aimed right, it may bounce a glare off of the countertop, which will only serve to annoy people.

The one thing that sets Phantom’s fixtures apart from the rest is intelligent design. Everything from how the fixture is installed to how it looks when switched on is made with the homeowner in mind.

What Are Benefits Of Cabinet Light Fixtures?

Living_Room_CabinetsCabinet light fixtures are appropriate for underneath and inside these areas of display.

Due to the wide range of bulbs and fixtures available, there are almost no cabinet configurations that cannot accommodate installing additional illumination. However, some bulbs only come mounted in certain forms, so the type of lighting may be restricted. The type of bulb will determine the amount of lumens, the color temperature, the energy usage, and lifespan. LEDs, xenon, fluorescent and incandescent, the most popular bulbs for this type of project, each have their own benefits. For someone unsure about how to go about increasing the brightness of an area, a professional can be consulted. Their knowledge of the options, products, and measurements of a cabinet can be used to create a custom lighting solution.

Usually, a low voltage option is chosen, because the smaller size of low voltage bulbs translates to a more inconspicuous mount. For those that cannot be tucked out of sight, the mount can be used as a decorative accent.

Regardless of whether the shelves are adjustable or fixed in place, there are fixture options that facilitate additional illumination. Cabinet light fixtures are also appropriate for bookshelves and display cases.

When they are hardwired, they can be operated with a switch. There are also options that are battery operated or that plug in to electrical outlets. A superior option is transferring energy from a remote transformer that is low voltage. Through the use of an out of the way transformer, which is not an option offered by every lighting company, electrical wires can be eradicated entirely. This set up also creates less heat, which is safer.

Choosing The Best Under Cabinet Lighting Options

There are a few details to take into consideration when choosing the best under cabinet lighting. The performance, lifespan, energy usage, color, and the type of fixture that can be used depend on the kind of bulb. LED, fluorescent, and incandescent are commonly used. There are also other versions of incandescent, like halogen and xenon that are more efficient. Each has its strong points and weaknesses. For example, xenon is especially well suited to areas that deal with dampness, like near sinks in kitchens or bathrooms.

In areas where detail oriented work is performed, like crafting or chopping for cooking, nothing is more important than having enough illumination to provide adequate visibility. The other sources of illumination in the room should be surveyed before making a choice. Their color temperature and intensity can help determine which other types of bulbs can complement the existing illumination.

Is this solution intended to be temporary or permanent? Some fixtures are long lasting, while others can be transient and held in place with removable clips. Hidden fixtures allow the illumination to be the decorative accent, rather than the hardware. This can draw attention to the glow, rather than what is casting it. Adding a dimmer control to the fixture means that it can also double as a nightlight when set on the lowest level.

Since few buildings are set up and decorated the same the best under cabinet lighting varies from situation to situation. This is something that can be easily installed. Even the most well lit rooms can still benefit from having extra illumination under the cabinets. They are useful for kitchens, bathrooms, work spaces, and any place that needs a well-lit countertop.

Ways To Improve A Home With Over Cabinet Lighting

When decorating a space, homeowners often neglect over cabinet lighting, but it is a simple method to improve the look of a room. These fixtures consist of xenon or LED festoon lamps built into flexible strips. While many manufacturers offer flexible stripping, Phantom’s TL series produces some of the best illumination available in the industry. They also customize their fixtures to every installation, so an installer will have no trouble placing the fixtures on site. Because they come premeasured to the surfaces they will be attached to, they will fit perfectly and maintain a low profile.

Xenon and LED over cabinet lighting is the superior option, because these bulbs are efficient and can be designed to fit any setting. Xenon lamps produce subtle, white illumination that is ideal for brightening up the entire room without appearing harsh. LED technology is extremely versatile. It can produce a range of color temperatures, from a warm incandescent glow to cooler fluorescent tones. Phantom’s LED lamps also produce the most efficient illumination possible with today’s technology. While most manufacturers can only produce 15 to 20 lumens without about a watt’s worth of power, Phantom’s fixtures can create about 40 lumens with the same amount of energy. An excellent watt to lumen ratio indicates efficiency and illumination quality. Phantom’s TL Elite fixtures produce one of the best ratios in the country.

However, homeowners don’t need to keep the fixtures at full intensity if they choose not to. Dimmer switches make it simple to alter the level of illumination in the room. This is perfect for people who like to make frequent trips to the kitchen at night, because harsh lights won’t need to be turned on to see.