Why Adjustable Merchandise Lighting Fixtures Should Be Used

One of the worst traits a shop can take on is becoming predictable, but adjustable merchandise lighting fixtures can keep that from happening. There’s no avoiding it – how a retail shop presents its product will have a significant impact on its ability to sell. But too many shop owners ignore the power of premium illumination, relying on nothing but a standard overhead system to provide the illumination. Continue reading “Why Adjustable Merchandise Lighting Fixtures Should Be Used”

Lighting Crystals And Gems Makes A Difference In Displays

The trick to lighting crystals and gems is to direct the illumination exactly where it needs to go. Flooding a cabinet or set of shelves with bright illumination will only leave the specimens appearing dull. Aiming a high power fixture at a small part of the specimen will create a tiny, but noticeable reflection. This is what gives a specimen its sparkling, brilliant appearance, so the goal is to set up a number of small fixtures around every exhibit. Continue reading “Lighting Crystals And Gems Makes A Difference In Displays”

Why Choose LED Display Lighting For Gun Collections

LED display lighting for gun collections is a natural fit, as diode fixtures can be customized to fit nearly any space or design and can do so without endangering the firearms. People take a lot of pride in their firearms, in their form, function, and historic significance. Diode fixtures can bring out the best aspects of every firearm, which differs from one gun to the next. Continue reading “Why Choose LED Display Lighting For Gun Collections”

Choosing Shelves With Lighting Built In For Displays

Setting up display illumination is often one frustration after another for a homeowner, but selecting shelves with lighting built in can alleviate a lot of it. The problem is that most traditional display illumination systems aren’t designed to be flexible in the slightest, so if a homeowner wants to create a new display or add on to an existing one, an electrician may be needed to help with the process. Continue reading “Choosing Shelves With Lighting Built In For Displays”

Using LED Display Lighting For Statuary Collections

LED display lighting for statuary collections have a simple mission to complete. The fixtures have to bring out the dramatic edges, the gentle curves and the subtle features of the sculpture, making it appear as if it was almost alive. Sculptures are one of the most interesting things to illuminate, as their unique shapes often produce dramatic shadows. Continue reading “Using LED Display Lighting For Statuary Collections”

Reasons To Get Low Profile Adjustable Display Lighting

With low profile and adjustable display lighting, home and business owners have a lot of wiggle room when setting up cabinet fixtures. When someone invests hundreds, even thousands of dollars into high quality cabinetry and premium fixtures, they expect a perfect look. Continue reading “Reasons To Get Low Profile Adjustable Display Lighting”

Interior Cabinet Lighting Illuminates A Display

The difference between a boring display and one that shines is often interior cabinet lighting. A lot of homeowners assume that ambient illumination is enough for a display, but they eventually find that this is an inadequate, unattractive way to show off a collection. Ineffective illumination cannot render color properly or provide the kind of contrast that is needed to bring attention to the display. Continue reading “Interior Cabinet Lighting Illuminates A Display”

Awesome Shelf Lighting Makes A Difference

In the right spots, awesome shelf lighting can make a huge difference for a display and, by extension, how a room looks. Of course, every homeowner has their own idea of what looks nice and what doesn’t, but in general, fixtures that can be precisely metered will offer the best appearance. That’s a challenge with many fixtures, and homeowners often have to settle for a look that is a bit too bright, a bit too dark, or just poorly arranged. Continue reading “Awesome Shelf Lighting Makes A Difference”

Display Shelf Lighting Makes An Impact

Display shelf lighting has an important job in the home. It has to offer enough illumination to catch attention, but not in a way that is annoying to observers. That’s a fine balance to strike, and it takes a versatile fixture to make it happen. This is where Phantom’s fixtures truly shine, as they are designed for aesthetic applications and made with power and flexibility in mind. And because they are made specifically for aesthetic purposes, they are easy to conceal and can be positioned in one of several arrangements. Continue reading “Display Shelf Lighting Makes An Impact”

Finding LED Displaying Lighting For Figurine Collections

With LED display lighting designed for figurine collections, it is possible to match the aesthetic of any type of presentation, from soft and elegant to bold and dramatic. It all just depends on how the fixtures are designed and arranged. People invest a great deal of time and money into their pieces, and most people have an emotional connection to them. Continue reading “Finding LED Displaying Lighting For Figurine Collections”