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ls_application18_250Cabinet Lighting from Phantom Lighting System, a Houston based cabinet lighting manufacturer provides superior low voltage LED, incandescent and xenon cabinet lights for a wide variety of custom cabinet lighting installations, including exclusive concealed wiring for adjustable shelves, under cabinet lighting and kitchen cabinet lighting.
Phantom is about low voltage display cabinet lighting creations – not about seeing light bulbs. Therefore, we have six custom cabinet lighting series of low voltage cabinet lighting fixtures designed to ensure that the cabinet light source is concealed from each viewing angle, no matter how severe. Whether you are using our standard incandescent cabinet lamps, xenon cabinet lamps or LED replacement cabinet lamps your cabinet lighting system will be spectacular!

Here are just a few cabinet lighting systems that we offer:

Fixed Cabinet Shelf Lighting

Furniture Cabinet Lighting
Corner Display Cabinet Lighting
Kitchen Cabinet Lighting
Undercabinet Lighting Fixtures
12 Volt Cabinet LightsHere are just a fewcabinet lighting fixture articles that talk about custom cabinet lighting techniques:Cabinet Light Fixtures
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Jewelry Cabinet Display LightingIn a world of lighting manufacturers who market similar products with cliché claims to fame, Phantom Lighting stands apart as a lighting supplier of proprietary technology whose adaptability makes it possible to meet each client’s lighting needs on an individual basis. This marriage of aesthetics and science has made Phantom Lighting a leader in lighting creation that enlightens the mind as much as it enlightens the room. We have lighting agents in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America who will answer any questions, provide literature and schematics, and arrange for local product demonstrations. Our team of experienced technicians is always willing to share their knowledge of fine art and display lighting.Feel free to contact us toll free at 800-863-1184, visit our lighting mobile website, lighting blog, online lighting showroom or order literature to discover which Phantom Lighting products and models will best adapt to your particular lighting needs.

Lighting Manufacturers

Lighting Manufacturers' products are not all the same quality.Phantom Lighting manufacturers optical framing projectors designed for art illumination and low voltage strip lighting designed for cabinet lighting, shelf lighting, cove lighting and other linear lighting applications. All of our custom residential and commercial lighting products are made to order and hand fabricated to fit your job. There are no duplicates or stock fixtures used for your design, just the pure magic of new Phantom Lighting devices. Other lighting fixture manufacturers may appear to offer everything you need for your home design. However, their product line falls far short of the magnificent illumination you will receive once your Phantom Lighting fixture is installed.
Home Lighting Manufacturer
As a home lighting manufacturer, Phantom specializes in illuminating fine art and lighting display cabinets. The product line has two stands outs: Phantom Contour Projector and Phantom LED Strip Lights. Unlike similar fixtures made by other recessed lighting manufacturers, Phantom’s products are delicately crafted to create optimal results. Both the contour projector and the strip lights are patented for their unique designs. Each custom low voltage lighting fixture provides the dramatic illumination that your treasured items deserve.
Fine Art Lighting Manufacturer
Phantom Lighting is one of the best lighting manufacturers of fine art illumination equipment. We specialize in handcrafting all of our framing projector products from scratch to fit your specific design requirements. Our innovative contour art projector light gives residents a brilliant touch of illumination over their cherished artwork. We have numerous agents located throughout the country, and are now expanding our Phantom lighting sales representatives to Canada and Mexico. Residents can accomplish a superior illumination décor theme by implementing the proper type of lighting equipment to bring out hidden features.
Under Cabinet Light Manufacturers
Phantom Lighting manufactures custom under cabinet light fixtures intended to provide the architect, home builder, and interior decorator with aesthetically superior, custom-made task lighting fixtures. Their unique accent lighting capabilities contribute add decorative value to the practical considerations of kitchen task lighting. A number of proprietary manufacturer features also make these kitchen under counter lighting fixtures the most versatile and scalable source of counter top lighting in the world of custom architecture, design, and advanced interior design.
Our cove lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. A network of nationwide lighting distributors are located throughout all 50 states into cities like Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FLL), Orlando, Florida (MCO), Santa Monica, CA, (LAX) Columbus, Ohio (CMH), (LGA) New York, NY, (JKF), St. Louis, MO, Detroit, Michigan (DTW), Madison, WI (MSN), San Francisco, California (SFO), and Omaha, Nebraska (OMA). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America. We invite you to contact us direct at 800-863-1184 to obtain more information on all of these options. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed, request literature on our main website, visit our Phantom Lighting mobile website, or read through the many informative summaries and FAQs located on our Phantom Lighting blog.

Phantom Lighting Recommended in 2009 TSA Handbook

Phantom Lighitng Recommended by Texas Society of Architects (TSA)In the upcoming 2009 TSA Handbook of the Texas Society of Architects you can find contact information for Phantom Lighting, a Houston Texas based specialty lighting manufacturer of fine art lighting and low voltage cabinet lighting.

The Mission of the Texas Society of Architects is to be the voice of the Texas architectural profession uniting AIA members to advance the profession, serve society and improve the built environment.

TSA members are the key decision makers in the specification of building products for the total construction of commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. In Texas, the vast majority of licensed, high-profile architects are members of Texas Society of Architects (TSA). TSA is comprised of 17 chapters across the state of Texas — collectively representing the Texas component of the American Institute of Architects. The member architects are involved in making the profession better; they have a vision of the industry and influence statewide legislation that will benefit the industry in general.

The 2009 TSA Handbook and resource guide is mailed directly to all 6,500 TSA members, plus many local government and public school officials and key decision-makers working with the design and construction industry in Texas. It will also be distributed to chapter offices of the Associated General Contractors across Texas.

About Phantom Lighting

Phantom Lighting is a pioneer, Houston-based art lighting company and low voltage lighting manufacturer established in 1981 to service the lighting and design community. Phantom Contour Projector and Phantom strip lights feature lighting technology that is completely unique, 100% proprietary, and found nowhere else in the world of lighting. Phantom’s revolutionary approach to fine art picture lighting and low voltage display, shelf, and under cabinet lighting has taken it from humble origins to the level of an international leader in lighting manufacturing on two continents.

Our home lighting manufacturing facility is located west of downtown Houston. A network of nationwide distributorships and lighting sales representatives fans out throughout all 50 states into cities like Scottsdale, Arizona, Seattle, Washington (SEA), Los Angeles, CA, (LAX) Boston, Massachusetts (BOS), Princeton, NJ (EWR), Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, Texas (DWF), Pasadena, California, Chicago, IL (ORD), Baltimore, MD (BWI), and Minneapolis, MN (MSP). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

We invite you to visit our main Phantom Lighting website, our phantom mobile website, request literature, or read through the many informative summaries and FAQ’s located on our lighting blog.

Low Voltage Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

Phantom Strip Light Bulbs are energy savers that help achieve LEEDS certification.Meeting commercial expectations requires a constant awareness of the bottom line. Because many commercial environments such as break rooms need the lights left on throughout the day, owners are very tempted to request fluorescent under cabinet lights that are adequate in luminance and cheap to operate. You might want to point out to these clients that custom low voltage under cabinet lighting strips can be just as cost effective and prove an equally effective source of light. Low voltage incandescent festoons make for excellent task lights and produce a much finer, whiter light that compliments almost any countertop.

Phantom Xenon linear strip lights are low profile fixtures that hide beneath the front of the cabinet’s underbelly, shining the light back and away from the eyes. This reduces uncomfortable, reflective glare. They are also completely dimmable, which makes them even more effective than fluorescents in controlling energy costs. Because these devices replace visible wiring with metal shelf supports and buss bars, cleaning crews can remove shelves to dust them without fear of damaging the lighting strips or shocking themselves. Our smaller magnetic cabinet lighting transformers also make for easy installation and concealment, so the light appears to be sourceless as it emanates from under the cabinet or from within its interior.

Phantom linear light strips for low voltage under cabinet lighting are custom made to the exact specifications of cabinet undersurfaces and cabinet interiors. Installation will be simple and without unforeseen complications when you work with a US Phantom Lighting sales representative. Your Agent will relay the vertical and horizontal length requirements of the linear strips you request to our manufacturing facility. This will ensure a seamless fit with no complications.

Business owners will not only be amazed at the apparently magical light produced by our low voltage cabinet lights, but they will be impressed with the savings, to say the least. Low voltage lighting strips combine optimal lumens output with maximum energy savings. New 2800K LED festoon light bulbs have just emerged on the market as well. These new lamps mimic the color renderings of incandescent light and operate on only 20% the power needed by incandescents and xenon lamps. Add the innate power savings of LED to a dimmable, concealable light source, and you have low voltage under cabinet lighting exponentially multiplied through engineering combined with user-friendly control.

Through a partnership with Phantom Lighting, you can pass on direct savings to your clients, and you can also accommodate them with user friendliness and a wide variety of lamping and color temperature options that can make low voltage under cabinet light installations a source of premier luxury lighting at only a fraction of standard lighting costs.

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For any other questions, information about Phantom Lighting or to place a custom order call toll-free at 1-800-863-1184. You can also visit our helpful and informative lighting blog “Tips from the Manufacturer” to see first hand hand our low voltage lighting products. Mobile phone users may choose to visit our mobile website to discover which Phantom Lighting products and models will best adapt to your particular lighting needs. Together, the professionals at Phantom Lighting will ensure that your next project is an astounding success!

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Austin TX, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, San Antonio TX, Los Angeles California, Miami Florida, Atlanta Georgia, and Culver City California.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

ls_application8How decorative do kitchen cabinet lights need to be?

Kitchens today are much more than food storage and preparation areas. They are now central gathering places for home entertainment events and are much larger than ever before. Kitchen cabinet lighting has had to evolve over the years to meet and increasing demand for more than base-level requirements to produce optimal visibility and comfort. Custom cabinet lighting must address certain aesthetic concerns as well such as lighting color and brightness, color rendering of illuminated surface and interior design, and glare free light that will not hurt the eyes of homeowners and guests.

Do you recommend puck lights and fluorescent under cabinet lights?

In some situations they are still useful, but their dominance in kitchen cabinet lighting is beginning to significantly wane. Custom home owners are replacing generic countertop materials with ornate granite and marble—two surfaces that are highly reflective. Although most fluorescent undercabinet lights are housed in frosted fixtures that minimize glare, they lack the color rendering capabilities necessary to do justice to an ornate countertop. Puck lights are too intense for most kitchens and throw a great deal of reflected light outward in all directions.

12 volt undercabinet lights, such as those manufactured by Phantom Lighting, are designed to overcome reflected glare with proprietary shielding on the linear light strips themselves and with directional lighting control that aims the light back and away from the eyes of the viewer.

What types of bulbs can you install in kitchen cabinet lights?

Phantom strips can be fitted festoon lamps housing incandescent, xenon, or LED bulb. Xenon will render color at a level nearly equivalent to sunlight. As a low voltage, dimmable cabinet light fixture, it will bring out the subtlest red of granite and the multi-dimensional hues of marble, and until very recently was the most commonly used festoon in custom kitchen cabinet lighting. However, the new 2800K LED festoon lamps has just entered the market with a color rendering capability that is equivalent to xenon—at only a fraction of the cost.

What types of festoons are best for interior shelf lighting?

Incandescent festoons typically make for the best kitchen cabinet lighting installations. This is because they produce a very white light everything within the interior clearly visible. Unlike puck lights, they occupy no cubic space, leaving more room for storage and a more balanced presentation when the cabinet is opened in front of guests. It is also easier to clean the shelves periodically because Phantom low voltage in cabinet lighting require little external wiring and even allow for shelf removal without risk of shock or equipment damage.

Where can I learn more about Phantom cabinet lighting strips?

Call a Phantom Agent for more information on all of these options. We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Are your cabinet lights manufactured in the United States of America?

Yes, our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Las Vegas Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas and Sacramento California.

Cabinet Light Fixtures

As the sophistication of interior architecture increases, the functional and the decorative intent of lighting converge more and more. Because of this, linear lighting strips are becoming the preferred form of cabinet light fixtures. They are more concealable than puck lights, and they are capable of much better color rendering than fluorescent lights, linear cabinet light fixtures feature a diversity of festoon lamping options, optional low voltage transformer, and lighting controls that make them not only the most robust type of cabinet light fixtures, but also the most energy efficient cabinet light fixtures on the market.

Many lighting manufacturers like Phantom Lighting in Houston, TX have taken the time to study these trends in the lighting industry and see where future requirements for lighting design will emerge. What they have found in both homes and offices is an increasing movement toward custom cabinet building in homes and offices that requires much more than generic or retail grade cabinet lighting fixtures. Phantom, for example, has patented 5 specific model lines of linear custom cabinet light fixtures, each featuring its own proprietary, patented transformers and wireless conductivity systems that allow each lighting strip to be custom manufactured to the exact specifications and dimensions of a cabinet or under cabinet surface. These linear cabinet lights offer choices in both vertical and horizontal mounting, and they can be fitted with any number of festoon lamps and dimmers to achieve a full range of functional and accent lighting effects.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting
Today’s kitchen is no longer a place for cooking food. Even the average-size home features a kitchen that is larger and more comfortable than kitchens 30 or 40 years ago. Kitchen cabinets look much more ornate, and kitchen countertops—even white ones— are usually very decorative in appearance. Kitchen cabinet light fixtures should reinforce these aesthetics and simultaneously render colors with glare free, uniform light distribution in order to make the kitchen appear inviting and comfortable to guests.

Phantom linear cabinet light fixtures can be used for either in cabinet or under cabinet kitchen lighting. A wide range of finishes makes it possible to match them to virtually any color scheme in even the largest kitchens found in custom homes. Their low profile design makes them virtually invisible at this point, and the unique angle of incidence in which Phantom under cabinet light fixtures illuminate countertops minimizes glare and eliminates the white spots commonly created by pucks and bulky fluorescent under cabinet lights.

Dimmers on transformers allow home owners to adjust light output to any level desired, so parties, daily meal preparation, and late night low level lighting can all be done with the same cabinet light fixtures. United States Phantom lighting agents and sales representatives will help you select from incandescent, xenon, and LED lamping options most appropriate to the color of your decorative scheme and the color and material workmanship of your countertop.

Low Voltage In-Cabinet Light Fixtures
Any kitchen cabinet lighting fixture can be ordered from our factory as a low voltage unit optimized for power conservation. This allows the homeowner to leave the lights on continuously with minimal electric power use and minimal heat. Normally people simply dim these under cabinet lights to a low, ambient level when they turn in for bed. If any needs to visit the refrigerator during the wee hours of the morning, there is sufficient light to see by, but the lighting levels are dim enough not to hurt the eyes. Also, anyone hosting guests should leave kitchen cabinet light fixtures and bathroom light fixtures turned on for safety reasons. Low voltage cabinet lighting may be the best route to go if you plan on having a lot of company during summer and during Christmas.

We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Our cabinet lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Las Vegas Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, Palm Springs California, Atlanta Georgia, and San Diego California.

Phantom Lighting Announces Expansion of Executive Leadership Team

Phantom Lighting announced that Mr. William Dietrich has joined the company’s executive leadership team. Mr. Dietrich has been appointed Director of Sales and Marketing and will spearhead the company’s accelerated marketing activities.

Mr. Dietrich leads Phantom Lighting’s strategic business development initiatives and is responsible for identifying, contracting and supporting domestic and international Sales Agents, as well as developing emerging markets for Phantom’s patented line of Xenon Linear Strip Lights and Fine Art Lighting products. Mr. Dietrich joins Phantom Lighting with extensive experience in Sales and Marketing management, including 14 years in Landscape Lighting Design. Prior to joining Phantom, he held various key leadership positions the Medical Imaging Equipment field and most recently served as Vice President of Vernon Daniel Associates, the premier Landscape Illumination company on the East Coast. Mr. Dietrich received his B.A. in Biology from Austin College in Sherman, Texas.

“This is an exciting time, marked by dynamic growth in our organization, and I’m thrilled that Bill has joined us to help drive our efforts as we continue expanding and enhancing the global presence of our company”, said Mr. Tom Kretzschmar, President and Chief Executive Officer of Phantom Lighting. Mr. Kretzschmar added, “Bill’s strong background in sales and marketing, plus his experience in high quality lighting design will help ensure our continual focus on these critical areas. Additionally, Bill is a seasoned executive with an exceptional track record of building successful relationships, partnerships and business expansion strategies in both the domestic and the international arenas.”

About Phantom Lighting: Phantom Lighting is a recognized leader in the development and manufacture of specialized lighting equipment designed for proper illumination of fine paintings and art objects, utilizing its patented “lighted from within” technology. Phantom also provides custom solutions for uniform distribution of lighting within display cabinets and fine merchandise jewelry display cases, concealing the light sources with its “near-invisible” designs. All products are designed for exceptional energy efficiency, long life and ease of installation.

We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products. Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia, and Culver City California.

Retail Display Lighting, Accent Lighting Tools, Low Voltage Strip Lights, Linear Lighting Products from Phantom Light.

Retail Display Lighting constitutes a very complex science and generally requires the help of a lighting designer or retail display expert who can help you choose the right fixtures, bulb types, voltage settings, and lighting controls for your store. Any online query will quickly produce an endless array of retail display light fixtures that can quickly overwhelm your senses and your pocket book if you are unsure of what you need. While specialty lights will always have their place in the world of design and merchandising, it is normally not necessary to buy a different type of fixture for each separate display in your store. In most cases, custom-built linear lighting strips can be mounted in a variety of environments and provide optimal, safe, efficient, and high quality luminance that will place your products in the best possible light.

Under Cabinet Light
Under cabinet fixtures are often used for retail display lighting anytime a shelf beneath a cabinet offers sufficient room for merchandising. Linear strip lights are usually the best source of illumination in these cases because they tend to blend more with the under belly of the cabinet that do puck lights and fluorescent under cabinet fixtures. Also, they can be fitted with any number of bulb types that are both dimmable and free of ultraviolet light—something fluorescent lights are notorious for producing.

For rich, dark colors, you might want to use retail display lights fitted with energy saving LED light bulbs. Phantom LED lamps have a warm color temperature, that is close to incandescent lamps.

Window Display Light
Retail lighting here has to be cost effective before it is anything else. Some window displays are left on 24 hours a day and can run a light bill straight through the roof if low voltage and cost effective lamping technologies are not utilized to offset power consumption.

Any number of linear strip lights for retail displays can be fitted with low voltage transformers to curb electrical usage. The Phantom Linear Lighting Strip, for example, can be custom manufactured as either a 12V or 24V fixture, and it can operate incandescent or xenon festoon bulbs at much lower costs than line voltage puck lights, flex lights, or even overhead fluorescent panels.

Even better, consider investing a little more on the front end to fit your retail display lighting fixtures with LED festoon lamps. Even on a line voltage system, LED bulbs use only 20% as much power as incandescents and xenon. On a low voltage window lighting strip, there is an exponential multiplication of power savings.

Display Cases
Virtually any type of accessory case can be fitted with linear retail display lighting fixtures. The only exception to this rule is any case with a mirrored back plane. Linear strips contain many small festoon lamps that will appear like white or golden dots along the top of the mirror, ruining the aesthetic of the display. However, if the case is made from clear glass, or even better, has a dark backing or cloth on which the merchandise is laid, linear strips provide some of the very best display lighting for retail display cases you can imagine.

The type of low voltage lighting you choose really should depend on what type of merchandise will be showcased your display. Toys look great under incandescent light because it makes them glimmer slightly with a cheerful, white aura. Ladies clothing accessories such as hats and scarves look better under xenon. The slightly golden aura it casts about the items makes them look well worth the price tag.

LED lights can be fitted to retail display light strips to create a near equivalent effect to either incandescent or xenon. This all depends upon the color of the bulbs used, and it also depends on the sophistication with which the festoon lamps themselves are designed. Phantom linear strips use a patented lamping technology that combines LED bulbs into a radiant output equivalent to that of incandescent lamps.

In cases where very expensive fabrics colored with highly sensitive dyes are showcased, it is best to use LED cabinet lights because any ultraviolet output from other bulb types could cause the color and material to degrade over time.

Jewelry displays can be lit with virtually any type of bulb. The color temperature and lighting levels, however, should be carefully adjusted to match the types of precious metals and stones that compose your selection. For more information on retail jewelry display lighting, click here to read our full-length article on the subject.

For any other questions, information about Phantom Lighting or to place a custom order call toll-free at 1-800-863-1184. You can also visit our helpful and informative lighting blog “Tips from the Manufacturer” to see first hand hand our low voltage lighting products.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia, and Culver City California.

Low Voltage Display Lighting, Linear Cabinet Lights, LED Strip Lighting, Low Voltage Under Cabinet Lighting from Phantom Systems.

The first display light fixtures were made using fluorescent bulbs. They were highly valued for their ability to use less power than other forms of lighting, and also for their long, tubular design which gave them the ability to create an evenly distributed down light ideal for showcasing collectibles, merchandise, and various ornaments. However, there were two drawbacks to fluorescent lights. For one thing, they produced a flickering, slightly yellow-colored light that was annoyed one’s eyes and even produced headaches in some people. They also radiated ultraviolet light that damaged sensitive items such as certain dies, paints, and fabrics. Lighting manufacturers began to look into developing alternatives to fluorescent bulbs, and they eventually created a diversity of forms that ultimately produced even better cost effective lighting, minimized or outright eliminated ultraviolet light, and created a multitude of color temperature options ideal for specialty lighting.

A few of the more popular types of display lighting fixtures are discussed in this article, with special attention paid to linear strip lights.

Puck Lights
Puck lights are often used as under cabinet lights and are not strictly classified as display light fixtures. However, xenon under cabinet lights, like puck lights do tend to be the most preferred light source in curio cabinets with mirrored back planes. Because a puck light occupies a central location at the top of the cabinet, the light radiates downward in an expanding cone. The mirror catches a portion of this light and throws it forward, thus magnifying its intensity and creating a field of light that fills the space inside the display.

Other types of cabinet lighting fixtures do not fare nearly as well in cabinets or showcases with mirrored back planes. This is because mirrors tend to reflect equipment as well as light, and the reflection of a metal or linear fixture can be an eyesore to an otherwise ornate showpiece.

Flex Lights
Flex lights are display lighting fixtures that mount on movable arms that can be positioned over the top of a display. They are frequently used by museums to light large displays that are not contained in a case. In fact, very large museum exhibition displays may have two or more flex lights positioned over the top as either a way of creating a central spotlighting effect using a slightly stronger, central flex light, or an even wash of light by using three identical fixtures in a row.

Flex lights are also used extensively in for trade show booth lighting. They can be attached rather quickly to walls and booths and angled toward banners, marketing materials, and merchandise to create a spotlight on your company brand, products, or services.

Recessed Lights
Recessed lights are used a great deal by museums to paintings and statuary. Recessed lighting fixtures offer the advantage of concealment, residing in the ceiling far above the display and casting a precisely aimed beam at the artwork. Halogen lamps are the favored light source for these unobtrusive display fixtures, provided proper glare shielding and dimmers are wired to the units to control brightness levels and heat.

Linear Lighting Strips
Linear LED strip lights combine almost every advantage of other forms of display lighting fixture, and they offer a few additional advantages found in no other light source. Linear strips are very thin and mount either to the topside of a cabinet, case top, or shelf, concealing themselves in much the same fashion as a recessed light. The tiny festoon lamps that line each strip emit a combined radiant down light reminiscent of yesteryear’s fluorescent bulbs, but with none of their negative effects.

Linear display light fixtures like those made by Phantom feature a high level of precision lighting ability. Sophisticated glare shields, color swatches and dimmer controls allow the Phantom light strip to be adjusted to optimal levels for virtually any type of shelf lighting or display case lighting application. Our patented method of shelf standard current conductance makes the Phantom linear strip even more unobtrusive than its counterpoints because it is a practically wireless device with the smallest magnetic low voltage transformer on the market. A variety of lamp types can be fitted to Phantom display lighting fixtures as well, including LED festoon lamps that use only 20% the electricity as other bulb types and produce no ultraviolet light whatsoever. This makes them ideal for retail display lighting and window display lighting because of the amazing power conservation they offer establishments on tight budgets.

One more thing makes the Phantom LED linear strip lights competitive with puck lights as both a display and under cabinet light fixture, and that is the special way the fixtures angle the light backward away from the eyes rather than into the viewer’s face. This creates a soft, very ambient quality of light more appropriate to both personal antique and bookshelf lighting and appropriate as well to high-end museum lighting for artifact and document display cases.

Phantom custom manufactures six lines of linear display lighting fixtures and distributes them through an international network of Agents that ranges from Canada to Argentina. Call us Toll-Free at 1-800-863-1184 today to be connected to an helpful lighting United States lighting agent free of charge to see which fixture type will work best with your particular display lighting needs.

We invite you to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia, and Culver City California.

Phantom Lighting Manufacturing Sales Representatives Provide Design Assistance & Technical Support

Phantom manufacturing sales representatives are responsible for many services beyond typical sales and marketing. In a very real sense, they are technical experts who provide solutions through ongoing consultation and client support.

They act as lighting design and planning consultants, procurement specialists, installation coordinators, and the first line of technical support.

What types of training and certifications do Phantom sales representatives normally obtain?

US Phantom manufacturer sales representatives train extensively in lighting technology itself. They learn lighting fixtures, electrical design, low voltage lighting configurations, lamping options, and bulb types. This technical skill set forms the foundation upon which the Phantom manufacturing sales rep builds a commercial or residential lighting design.

Architectural expertise also plays a pivotal role as well in our lighting arrays. Interior architecture often features custom designs that require careful scrutiny and special customization of Phantom Contour projectors and Low Voltage Lighting Systems. Sales reps frequently cross train with architectural firms to learn how to spot these nuances and customize product orders at the factory level..

Do Phantom’s manufacturing sales reps offer phone based or face-to-face consultation?

Both. Canadian Sales representatives for Phantom manufacturing are renown for their consultations skills. They have been trained to listen very carefully to client objectives and to meticulously examine commercial and residential environments. Detailed assessment is paramount prior to choosing any equipment.

Once our sales representatives determine that Phantom products are a fit for the needs at hand, manufacturing is then fed the details of client consultation, design plans, and data collected from the environmental analysis. This allows the factory to custom build each LED lighting strip specific to a client’s office or home, and even fine tune the product to specific lighting requirements.

Do Phantom sales reps do actual lighting design?

In terms of detailed planning and product customization, yes.

It is necessary for our agents to handle the planning phase of design for two reasons. First, it ensures that the proposed design and the manufactured end product fit together hand in glove. Secondly, it makes it easier for contractors to safely configure and install the fixtures themselves because our lighting manufacturer sales representatives have already laid the groundwork for them.

Phantom Lighting installation is carried out by contractors whom we rely upon who know our technology and have the advanced skills necessary to properly install and configure Phantom products.

Phantom manufacturing sales representatives coordinate procurement, shipping, and installation of our products. This service is provided both as a courtesy to our clients and as a guarantor of product quality. Customized, sensitive equipment must be shipped, handled, and installed by qualified professionals.

Do Phantom manufacturing sales representatives offer technical support?

Yes. They distribute product information free of charge to all serious inquirers and routinely attend trade shows throughout North, Central, and South America. Of course, you can always contact the factory toll free at 800-863-1184 X 125 or visit our lighting blog for more helpfuls Phantom Lighting technical support.

Phantom manufacturing sales reps also make it a point to integrate customer service into the sales cycle from consultation to closing.

Should any technical support issues arise, the Agent is the first point of contact for troubleshooting and solution coordination.

Click here to read more about Phantom products and Phantom Lighting Agents in your area.