Different Ways To Use Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

With modern kitchen cabinet lighting, a homeowner can make the most inviting room in the home feel even warmer and cozier. No other room offers the same range of decorative possibilities, and high-end fixtures like Phantom Lighting’s Elite and Ultra systems can be customized to a great degree. Continue reading “Different Ways To Use Kitchen Cabinet Lighting”

What Are The Cabinet Light Components For A Display?

Showcase-Adjustable-LED-LightingTo get the most out of a display system, it takes the right cabinet light components. There are many, many fixture technologies on the market, and there are many ways to customize these fixtures. With so many decisions to make, it’s best to leave the technical and creative details to an experienced professional. Phantom, for example, can provide an array of options to a homeowner or business, and make every system a unique one.

Phantom accomplishes this by combining the best cabinet light components in the industry. They include high quality lamps, which may be powered by xenon or LED technology. Each fixture is customizable in different ways, but all of them can be configured to produce several colors. This includes warm and cool color temperatures, as well as several monochromatic color options, like blue, green, red or amber. Color is essential to creating a cohesive display, and with the right setup, the fixtures can intensify a display’s best features.

Aiming trims and glare shields are additional elements that help control the flow of illumination from the display, and ensure proper metering. Aiming trims conceal the fixtures from view and only allow them to emit into predetermined angles, keeping the illumination from going where it shouldn’t. Glare shields scatter and soften the illumination so that it is evenly dispersed throughout the display and eliminates the possible of hotspots or distracting shadows.

Drivers, dimmer controls, and several more elements are also present in every system, and they all play an important part in a high-quality display.

What Cabinet Light Shields Do In A Fixture

Cabinet light shields are some of the most important pieces in any fixture and help to convert any dull display into a professionally-designed area. LED and xenon stripes are fantastic additions to any kitchen or room, but their utility can only go so far by themselves. These bulbs need the addition of some very carefully selected accessories and pieces in order to get the absolute most out of them.

There are many advantages in using these types of accessories, from the mounting to the quality of diffusion. Many homeowners who attempt to create their own displays will overlook the importance in concealing the bulb or strip, which is where trim comes in. Trim helps to hide the fixture, while also helping to scatter and soften the source. Rough edges are smoothed out with the addition of some simple trimming options. These can also be customized to fit any color or length, making them the perfect addition to any existing space.

Phantom provides homeowners and designers many options when customizing their own fixtures. Cabinet light shields themselves are the perfect solution for bulbs that need a solid housing means and for situations where glare is a real problem. Properly scattering and diffusing the illumination source is key in removing any overly saturated dark areas on the surrounding surfaces. While these are most commonly found in the kitchen, these types of fixtures work in any environment, all the way up to professionally displayed art. Further control can be given to the user with dimming controls, a way to directly control the output of the source. This can be used to help maintain a uniform look throughout the day, especially if other ambient sources may interfere.

Cabinet Light Moldings Are Essential For Displays

Before a homeowner can integrate display fixtures into a set of shelves, they may need to install cabinet light moldings to provide adequate concealment. Aesthetic fixtures are designed to create a visually impactful, beautiful look, but this isn’t possible if the fixtures remain visible after installation. They aren’t intended to be seen directly, and they can overwhelm people with bright illumination if they aren’t properly shielded. Fortunately, Phantom can provide a piece of trim for nearly any furniture or shelving arrangement, and establish a concealed spot for the fixtures.

Other than protecting the fixtures from view, Phantom’s cabinet light molding are also designed to shape the illumination to better fit the display. That’s because they block off certain angles of illumination and ensure the fixtures only project into a certain area. This makes it easier to control the display’s appearance and keep the illumination perfectly metered.

Phantom’s trim can be customized to fit any display, and are compatible with both the Elite and Ultra strip fixtures. They can be cut to a specific set of dimensions and covered with a veneer that matches the design of the surrounding furniture. This ensures a seamless look that won’t draw attention. With proper concealment, it is also possible to soften the fixtures so that they produce the warm, gentle illumination that is both agreeable and sophisticated.

Concealing trim is often a necessary addition to a display project, and ensures optimal performance and aesthetics from the fixtures.

Cabinet Light Accessories Are Available For Optimal Illumination

Cabinet light accessories are essential to getting the optimal look from a set of LED or xenon strip fixtures, and fixture designers know how to use them to great effect. When it comes to strip fixtures and the aesthetic illumination they produce, the real work involves metering and angling the illumination just right. Even with the best fixtures available, they have to be placed and directed perfectly to give the homeowner what they are looking for.

And that’s where cabinet light accessories come in, as they are designed to greatly refine the fixtures’ illumination. Among these components are aiming trims, which are designed to shield the fixture from view and provide an optimal angle to meter the illumination. Phantom offers several trim options with every strip model, giving homeowners and designers complete control over how the fixtures fill the shelves with illumination.

Metal glare shields are another essential component, as they soften the illumination and help even it out across the display. Glare shields remove hotspots and dark areas, and are largely responsible for the warm glow that strip fixtures are known for.

Phantom also attaches dimmer controls to most of its installations, and this allows homeowners to alter the output of their display fixtures whenever they deem it necessary. This is typically done to respond to changes in ambient illumination and in response to changes in the display.

With these components, a designer can make a major impact with Phantom’s display illumination, and give homeowners a look they can be proud of.

Cabinet Light Trims Offers Concealment For Your Fixture

Cabinet light trims are essential for producing optimal illumination metering, and can provide much needed concealment as well. No homeowner wants their new xenon or LED strip fixtures to be visible, as they aren’t designed to be pretty themselves. That’s where a concealing piece comes in, as it can be attached to existing furniture to provide a bit more cover. Phantom’s options are even more robust, as they come in a variety of aesthetic designs and do more than just offer concealment. They also direct the illumination to where it needs to go, which ensures the display looks its best.

Whether the strip fixtures are placed above a countertop or around a set of shelves, cabinet light trims are designed to produce precise illumination. If they emit beyond a display, it will look harsh and unprofessional. Phantom’s custom pieces are designed to neutralize this concern as they force illumination into certain angles only. Every one of Phantom’s strip fixtures is compatible with several trim options, and each one offers a different aiming angle. There are even pieces for shelves that include center stiles, and these can emit illumination in a wide angle that fills the shelves.

Phantom can put together a custom piece for nearly any display, with the ability to cut the piece to any size and with multiple veneers available. In short, every project that Phantom is a part of can be made to look its best.

For A Cabinet Use Interior Display Lighting

Cabinet-LED-Display-LightsIf a homeowner really wants to show off a cabinet, then interior display lighting is the superior choice. Of course, it’s not the furniture that is the centerpiece, but what is on show inside the furniture or on its shelving. Photos and books are common, as well as glass, artwork, and figurines. No matter the collection, though, high-quality fixtures will ensure there is enough illumination, and that it is directed properly.

Although recessed fixtures can provide a strong option for a cabinet, LED interior display lighting is usually the best choice, for several reasons. For one, LED fixtures are extremely safe because they produce almost no heat. So they can be placed close to a subject and won’t damage it, even if the subject is made from fragile materials or paper. Also, LED fixtures are reliable and long-lived, lasting several times longer than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. In short, less maintenance and replacement is required. Finally, LED fixtures can be customized to produce one of several color temperatures, so if a homeowner has a lot of silver to show off, for example, the LEDs can be configured to produce cooler color hues.

This doesn’t come at a cost of power, either, as Phantom’s Elite and Ultra series of fixtures can provide more than enough illumination. And they can be pared back as well with dimmer controls. That way, a homeowner can get the exact look they want, no matter the time of day or presence of other illumination in the space.

Cabinet Lighting Pros Are Worth Hiring For Your Home

Cabinet-LED-Display-LightsCabinet lighting pros fulfill an extremely important role when setting up display fixtures. They can take a homeowner’s preferences and vision and turn them into reality. That’s easier said than done, and it takes a deep reservoir of knowledge to make happen, but an expert illumination designer will have dozens of projects under their belt and can work with nearly any setting. An expert can help with every aspect of the job as well, from fixture selection to installation.

When setting up a high end project that involves bookcases or display shelving, it is cabinet lighting pros that will provide the design. This means the experts will consult with the homeowner regarding what they want, and the experts will provide a set of fixtures that best meets the homeowner’s needs. Experienced designers have access to excellent fixture technology, including unique fixtures of their own creation, and are usually partnered with fixture manufactures with whom they have a close professional relationship. All of this is good news for a homeowner, who is sure to get the best possible everything during the process. That’s the best design, the best fixture quality, and the best fixture reliability, all of which are essential to a successful project.

Not every homeowner wants to get intensely involved with the process, and they don’t have to with design experts on their side. These seasoned professionals can nail down all of the important details and make them happen.

What Are The Options With Low Profile Cabinet Lights?

study_onLow profile cabinet lights are designed to be easily concealed for aesthetic reasons because no one wants to see the fixtures themselves. The real star of the show is the display and the illumination that helps it stand out. The fixtures would only get in the way if exposed, so it is important to keep them out of sight. However, that is often easier said than done, as only a handful of manufacturers produce premium, concealable fixtures. And the furniture may not provide an obvious spot to hide the fixtures. Fortunately, Phantom Lighting can help with that.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are the ultimate low profile cabinet lights. They are made to be as compact as possible, and they are designed to be paired with Phantom’s aiming trims. Each trim can be custom fit to the shelving and is attached to the leading edge of the shelving. Behind the trim, the fixtures are installed. Phantom’s trims go one step further and refine the illumination by cutting out any lighting angles that would result in spill illumination.

The result is an aesthetically pure display that offers even illumination and a professional quality appearance. Museums and galleries know that hiding the fixtures can make a huge impact on how people perceive the display, and if a homeowner wants as many people as possible to appreciate what’s on display, they should consider keeping the fixtures out of sight.

Creating Unique Cabinet Lighting In A Room

LED.ht2Unique cabinet lighting can take any display, whether muted or vibrant, and make it the focus of a room. People are naturally drawn to illumination, and high end fixtures are designed to take advantage of this. With their impressive intensity, consistency, and color, premium fixtures are ideal for catching peoples’ attention and holding it. Among Phantom’s products, the Elite and Ultra LED strip fixtures are the ideal fit for aesthetic applications, partly because they can be fit into nearly any setting.

The standout feature of unique cabinet lighting is how beautifully crafted it is. Most fixtures create hotspots or hard edges while in operation, and this can take away from the display’s aesthetic. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LEDs, though, are thoroughly tested before they are integrated into the fixtures themselves, so they are as consistent as can be. And with Phantom’s aiming trims and glare shields, the illumination can be delicately metered. The softer the illumination, the better it will look, as it will layer behind the display instead of taking over the space. In other words, it will still provide the contrast needed to help the display stand out, but because it is so evenly spread out and diffused along its edges, there’s no flaw for people to latch onto when observing the display.

In short, it’s the kind of illumination that gets as close to perfect as possible, and will surely impress anyone who has a chance to see it in action.